Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A-Z revisited

I love how small the IF blogging world is!  About a month ago I wrote this post: IF A-Zs, I hoped it would spread around so we could all learn more about each other, it worked.  Now when I'm blog hopping around I almost always come across someones A-Zs.  I wish there was a way to link back around so that we could see them all.  Any of you out there a blog or computer wiz?

So anyway, I keep coming across these A-Zs and I have to laugh because when I wrote them I couldn't think of any word to use for the V until I thought of this CRAZY story about how a girl with no vagina got pregnant after a combo of oral sex and a knife fight...  Now most of the poeple who I've come across have never read my A-Zs so they don't realize why I'm asking about their vagina and they're responses are always some where between: uhhh I have one? and a-ok.

The point of this story is I love blog hopping and finding peoples A-Zs so lets try and some how link them all together.  Maybe everytime I come across one I can add it to this post and we'll just start a long list?

Update:  Here are the blogs I found just today that have jumped on the IF A-Z bandwagon!  I love that we are all so interconnected!  I bet if they tried the 6 degrees of seperation on an internet infertile it would be more like 2 degrees...


  1. Right now I am doing a 10 days of me challenge. I think I will try this next :)

  2. Hi,
    Thanks for the post on my blog. I had fun doing the A-Z, it must be fun to see how many people have completed it.
    I had a quick peek at your blog and it sounds like we have lots in common. Good luck with you IVF cycle, I will be following your journey.
    I had a quick question about your "Endo Diet". I just wondered if you doctor had suggested avoiding certain foods and suggested other foods that were better for you. I have constant endo pain and to be honest I eat like crap.
    Thanks again for the post!

  3. That stupid no vagina girl! I swear, I had a hissy fit over her pregnancy for like a month after I first heard that story!

  4. You're the creator of this list? Way fun! Maybe use a McLinkyApp to put everyone together? http://www.mcklinky.com/