Friday, May 13, 2011

Started Stims... Still Alive

Turns out I am a spaz.  I was so worried about the Follistim pen that I rushed home from work to watch a youtube video of how to work it.  Its super easy, that’s probably the point of the pen huh?  So while I watched the video I put everything together, I guess I expected it to take an hour because when it was all ready (after the 4 minute video) it was 6:15 and I don’t take my meds until 7… so then I sulked away and watched the Voice (which is fabulous) for the next 45 mins until it was time for my shots.

It also turns out that sticking yourself with two needles isn’t really that much harder than one needle.  My ovaries were already hurting before the Follistim though so I’m expecting some significant pain for the next week.

In case you were wondering, endometriosis sucks.  I’m sure that it presents differently in every endo girl, but for me, when I have ovary pain my legs go numb from my hips to my knees.  It’s a really awkward, painful, strange feeling.  I haven’t had it much since I went gluten free but now it’s back and in action, which surprises me because I always assumed it was from ovarian cysts and I know I don’t have any right now.

Well, the point of this story is that I’m afraid heavy ovaries may translate to a week of hell for me, a week where I can’t take any Celebrex, which is the only thing that works on the pain.  I’m sad too because Blue is just getting home and I just want to have fun with him, not lay around on the couch miserable. 


  1. I'm sorry you're in pain. :( I personally HATE needles, so you're much stronger than I am. I guess when it comes time for me to stick myself, I'll do it for the (hopeful) outcome, but until then...I will do everything to keep from them! You're a trooper! :) I hope you get to feeling better.

  2. I was going to email you back instead of writing another comment, but I haven't figured out how to do that yet. I have a blog friend who emails me back from the comments I leave. I guess I'll have to ask her how to do it, huh!?!

    The u/s is to check and see what's going on inside me. I have a lot of pain when I am on my period, and sometimes when I'm not, so they wanna check for cysts and stuff like that. Also, basically to see if everything is okay or not and see if they can find out why I'm not getting pregnant. The lady I talked to didn't mention any other way of getting it paid for except for me paying it all. I know I will definitely appreciate our miracle whenever it happens, but sometimes I get selfish and want it NOW!

  3. I think the follistim pen is easier then the lupron, lupron burns me a little and the follistim feels like nothing. Praying your ovaries tolerate the week!

  4. Keep it up!

    Sorry for the pain :(

    Thinking of you and only good thoughts :)



  5. First, congratulations on your stimming! Second, The Voice is FABULOUS!!!! And, third, endometriosis absoutely sucks! (I know...could there be more exclamation points?)

    We seem to have so much in common, I'm going to give my thoughts and advice about your stimming, even though, as you said, endo is different for everyone. I have that same wierd leg pain as you from my endo. I have the same ovary pain, that I used to assume was cysts, but now know from multiple surgeries is just little endo implants irritating things. And for me...stimming always made my ovaries sore and made me feel uncomfortably full. With that said, it was never unbearable, lie on the floor in the fetal position-type pain, like endo sometimes gives you. Here's what helps me during stimming...(1) a heating pad. It is recommended in Chinese medicine to keep heat on the belly until retrieval, and they are on to something. When I would lie quiet with a heatitng pad at night, I would forget my ovaries completely. (2) fertility yoga...not normal yoga. Fertility yoga is a lot of gentle stretching of the pelvic floor and opening of the hips while breathing. The majority of it is done with pillows, on your back. My whole lower half of my body would feel better after yoga, and I found I could breath through the rough spots during the day. (3) distractions, distractions, distractions. The pain and discomfort is sucky...but it is not so severe that you can't be distracted from it by Blue, TV, movies, or whatever you enjoy.

    Hope this helps and that my advice ends up being superfluous because you have a smooth-sailing-stim cycle. I'm sending you all my "good follie" thoughts.

  6. Bleh, well if there is ovary pain, then I hope it's for a good reason, like some big fat healthy follicles growing :D