TTC Timeline

February 2000 - Unofficial dx with Endo, family history and extreme pain

August 2007  - Marry the love of my life, Blue

August 2007 - April 2009 - Talk about the "perfect" time to get pregnant

April 2009 - Ditch the BCPs, Dr. says start trying ASAP because of endo

May 2009 - Start giggling over baby names!

August 2009 - Start worrying about why we aren't pregnant yet...

May 2010 - Lap to remove endo, L ovary in bad shape, stuck to side wall and L tube partially blocked, uterus looks good...

July 2010 - Pain returns post lap, realize I need to do something to control the pain if we want to keep trying.

August 2010 - Start endo diet, pain gone within 3 days, allergy test results show allergies to gluten and dairy.

October 2010 - 4 unsucessful rounds of Clomid (CD 3-7), repeat HSG shows tubes are clear.

February 2011 - Blue deploys.... 

May 2011 - IVF 1.0 with Dr. BPF (NOT!) in AK.  Long Lupron protocol, cancelled after 5 days of stims, no response, dx with DOR

August 2011 - IVF 1.5 with Dr. SS in Vegas!  Long lupron protocol again but very different than last protocol, see From IVF to Pregnant page to get all the info on how we got there!