Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Adoption Scam

I hate to have to share this, but this woman has broken so many hearts and I know we "the infertile community" are even more susceptible to this fraud than anyone else.  I want the word out so that everyone knows she exists and has done this to so many couples.

She fooled Blue and I for 24 hours… We were preparing for IVF2.1 and it just seemed like fate that she contacted S.I.F about a baby girl.  Even Blue got excited and that makes me sadder than anything else.  Luckily for us both S.I.F and I got a strange feeling pretty early on and followed our guts, which led us to a trail of broken hearts, fake babies, and fraud that cannot be prosecuted by law.

After this article was published another family contacted S.I.F about “Jessie Lynn”.  This family spent months “with” her, their story is the most heartbreaking I’ve heard.  Jessie encouraged them to decorate a nursery, asked them to send her pictures of the things they bought for their new baby girl, even encouraged them to tell their 3 year old that they were about to have a sibling… Truly awful person.

So, please don’t harden your hearts to the magic of adoption by accident (because it really does happen sometimes!) but be careful and guard your hearts because not everyone in the world is kind.