Endo Diet Info

I had read a lot about the endo diet before I actually started it.  I had known about it for a whole year but was struggling with the idea of making such HUGE changes to my life.  Looking back it was silly to think that since several days per month I would be incapacitated by pain and bargaining with God that I would do anything if the pain would just go away!

When I finally committed to the diet I scheduled an appointment with a naturopath to get allergy testing done so that I didn't end up eating stuff I shouldn't.  My naturopath actually has endo too and also struggled with fertility so it was nice to have a doc that understood.  I found out I have a severe dairy allergy (off the charts) and a mild allergy to gluten.  I decided to go cold turkey with both and then re-introduce to see what the real problem was.  With in 3 days I felt like a new person.  So much more energy, way less pain, and its just gotten better with time! 

Here is THE endo diet vs. MY endo diet (I'm only human.)

THE ENDO DIET                                           
  • No Red Meat                                        
  • Only organic dairy products                 
  • No gluten                                               
  • No Caffine                                             
  • No Alcohol                                           
  • No Soy                                                 
  • High Fiber                                            
  • Peel vegis and fruit                                

  • Only organic red meat and game meat
  • No dairy products (not even butter)
  • Reduced caffine (re-use one tea bag all day, 1-2 cups of coffee per week)
  • Reduced alcohol, mostly red wine because I LOVE it!
  • No Soy
  • High Fiber
  • Mostly organic vegis and fruit (most nutrients are in the peel)

After being strict for 3 months, no dairy, gluten or booze, I re-introduced wine and didn't see a difference, though I don't drink that often.  I decided that I felt so good I'd wait to bring back dairy or gluten until I got pregnant.  I slipped up a few times and had butter or a small amount of dairy and saw a huge effect in my digestive system, no pain reaction though.  Then Blue and I went on a trip to California and I decided to eat gluten (since my allergy wasn't bad.)  Bad idea.  I was in pain again after just 4 days.  Then when we came home the pain was gone with in 3 days.  So for me, I'm pretty sure wheat/gluten is the culpret. 

If you're interested in hearing more feel free to email me, I love to talk about it since its made such a huge difference in my life!  Also there is a link to a great gluten free blog on the links page.

Here is THE BOOK about the endo diet.  I will warn you that it is pretty technical and a little difficult to read the whole way through but it is worth it for just the testimonials!  There are women who had no pain relief from full hysterectomies that saw complete pain relief with dietary changes.  Its also a theme in the testimonials that wheat is one of the biggest culprets.