From IVF to Pregnant

This little miracle all started with IVF 1.5 with Dr. Sher in Las Vegas!  Below is a rough outline of our protocol (long lupron protocol) and all the important dates along the way, linked to the posts about them if you want more info.
  • August 4th - Start Lupron and dexamethasone
  • August 7th - Stop BCPs
  • August 15th - Start Follistim and Viagra suppositories (yuck!)
  • August 17th - Start Luveris
  • August 20th - Leave for Vegas!
  • August 22th - Trigger
  • August 24th - Egg Retrival (8 mature eggs, 8 eggs fertilized, 6 made it to blastocyst!)
  • August 29th - Embryo Transfer of 2 beautiful expanded blasts (4 siblings on ice)
  • September 4th - First positive pregnancy test ever!
  • September 6th - 8th - Doubling betas! (8dp5dt - 60 10dp5dt - 162)
  • September 28th - 7 week US, saw our beautiful bubble's heart beating along at 152
  • October 5th - 8 week US, saw arms and legs!  Great heartbeat of 167!
  • October 19th  - 10 week US, saw our little one moving all around and even got video!
  • November 2nd  - 12 week US, NT scan, all looks great, tech predicts the baby is a boy!
  • November 16th - 14 week OB appointment and US.  Find out we have complete placenta previa, put on pelvic rest (that means no action what so ever) and restricted activities.
  • December 22nd - 19 week 1 day fetal anomaly scan, Its a BOY!  All looks great including an anterior placenta that is no longer blocking my cervix!  Little man is measuring 6 days ahead and has really long legs!