Wednesday, August 24, 2011

8 Little Eggies

Just a quick update to let you all know egg retrieval went good. 
I don’t remember much of what Dr. SS said but according to Blue we got 8 mature eggs and Dr. SS was happy.  We’ll call tomorrow morning for the fertilization report.  For once I know there is ABSOLUTELY nothing I can do to help them and it makes me sad and happy at the same time.
It feels good to let go of some of the control/worry/blame/self loathing.  I think I will sleep well tonight for the first time since we got to Vegas, well the first time not including the awesome 5 hour nap I had after ER today!
Blue also gave me my first PIO shot in the bum tonight and it went well.  We also played a little blackjack after my nap and won $225.  Overall a very good day.  Keep our little embies in your prayers tonight!


  1. Well done.. 8 is nice... i only got 6 and had one left to transfer... so your doing well.. sending positive thoughts to you and your little ones. xx

  2. WOOHOOO for 8 mature eggs! And great job @ winning some cash!! I hope you are currently sleeping like a baby rock! :)

  3. Nice job!!! 8 wonderful eggs :) Fingers crossed for a great fert report!

  4. Yay for eight eggies! That is great news! Now you've just gotta wait and hear about the two good ones you're going to transfer! :)

  5. I'm so thrilled for you. Winning in Vegas = Beating the odds. That has to be a good omen!