Monday, August 8, 2011

You have baby?

Rewind a month and a half, the last day we were in Europe… (I can’t believe I haven’t written this post before now!)

AF finally showed up 2 weeks late for the first time after our cancelled IVF 1.0.  For a little while I was delusional and thought maybe we magically got a BFP, but no.  So, just to set the stage, the bitch showed with a vengeance, the worst pain I’ve had in years.  We had to leave our hotel room at 10 am and our train didn’t leave for another 7 hours, so we wandered the streets of Prague.

We happened by a Thai spa that offered a “pedicure” where tiny fish ate the dead skin off of your feet, of course Blue could not turn down this opportunity.  I on the other hand didn’t want within 10 feet of those fish!  Luckily they also offered foot/calf massages.

I sat down for what should have been a relaxing 30 minutes to help break up a pretty awful day.  I leaned my head back and closed my eyes, when I looked up my masseur and the lady next door were chattering in Thai and looking at me.  Finally the lady next door looks at me, points at my belly and says “you have baby?”

I replied “no” with a well placed glare and then spend the next 29 minutes trying unsuccessfully to stop crying.  Worst 29 minutes ever.  I wish she spoke enough English for me to give her a piece of my mind, but unfortunately it would have been lost in translation…

For the record I’m not the skinniest person around but I am in the normal/healthy BMI range for my height.  I just had a horribly bloated stomach from AF and felt awful.  I’m not sure whether it was worse to hear some one call me fat, or to be asked for the first time ever if I was pregnant and have to answer no, especially that day of all days.

So why am I revisiting this horrible experience?  Well most importantly to share it with you girls, the only ones who would understand how truly awful it was, but also because I’m so scared its going to happen again when my belly gets bloated from fertility drugs.  What can I do to hide the bloat?


  1. You can't hide the bloat. Embrace it - it's part of what you need to do to make a baby.

    But seriously, if anyone comments on it, you just call me and I'll punch them in the jugular.

    Bitches be crazy! ;)

  2. UGH I have been asked if I was pregnant before :-( Usually when AF is visiting or during a medicated cycle. I get so bloated during certain times! It sucks! I'm sorry you had to go through that. People are RUDE! I would never ask someone, even if their belly was sticking wayyy out.

  3. One word: LIE. Yeah I know it is wrong but anyone that asks you that, obviously doesn't know you very well and you more than likely will never see again. I had it happen to me once and I was so shocked and didn't know what to do, that I just lied and said yes. It helped me not cry.

  4. I got super bloated with my cycle..I'm talking three-four months along bloated. I wanted to shop so bad in Vegas but all I could even think about trying on was anything with a stretchy waist. I had packed quite a few pairs of the Nike running shorts it seems everyone has but the elastic on those really bothered my tummy. I ended up buying several shorts that had the softer elastic waistband.

    So, if you can't tell, I wore a lot of lounge type clothes but tried to find outfits so I still felt as good as I could by at least looking cute! Certain dresses and skirts also helped hide it when I wanted to dress a little nicer for dinner or whatever.

    As for the comments, I put people in their place. I didn't get a ton of inquiries but the ones I did, I just smiled sweetly and said, "No, I'm not pregnant. But I am in Vegas to try and get pregnant. This is from fertility treatments, so we're hoping!" That was usually enough to stop the person dead in their tracks and realize they had just made a poor assumption. I think at least once I said it was because of medical reasons. Had the same effect. I felt like I was being nice but also reminding people to think before they speak, which helped to reign in the tears and emotions.

    If you get bloated and uncomfortable, (I've had friends that didn't really at all) consider getting a prenatal massage while there. They will use a foam thing with spaces for your boobs and belly. It was the best thing ever for relaxing!! Also, I don't know where you are staying but if you and your mom decide to do some sightseeing or walking through casinos, consider renting a motorized scooter for the day. Most of the large casinos have them and the $40 for the day is so worth it! I was so bloated that it hurt to walk for long. The scooter was the best thing ever!! I got to keep up with everyone and I didn't end up in tears after an hour. Tons of luck to you!!

  5. Arggggg.....I hate hearing those comments! Don't people know they NEVER ask a women that unless they are POSITIVE they are pregnant??? Not much can be done but what I have found (luckily) with the empire waisted shirt and now 'in style' longer looser fitting shirts do quite a good job. Honestly at times I had to unbutton my pants too (yup I was that girl) and no one knew:)

  6. Baggy t-shirts? Seriously, there's no solution to it. It just sucks. Been there girl and it sucks.