Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Lupron + Dex = Love

I waited all weekend to start feeling super exhausted from the Lupron (like last time) but it never happened…  Instead I’m sleeping well and at normal hours, I’m not running any marathons but over all I’m feeling pretty darn good!

I decided to attribute this overall “good” feeling to the fact that lupron and dexamethasone are a match made in heaven.  One makes you sleepy, one causes insomnia, but together you are balanced.

For now I’m not complaining about anything, not even waking up an extra 30 minutes early to eat and shoot up.  I don’t even have any bruises on my belly yet, maybe it’s a positive omen?  I am a little hungrier than usual but I’ve made a point of having healthy foods around.

I also talked to my mom yesterday, if you remember I’d been struggling with her and my sister a lot lately.  My mom decided to come to Vegas for the second week I’m there (hopefully ET) since Blue has to go back to work.  I didn’t realize how down I was about being there alone… I’m so happy that she offered and I already feel like a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders. 

I also extended my trip so I’m not coming home until September 3rd.  I originally planned for September 1st but knew I’d be cutting it close for ET, with the new flight I can relax and won’t have to worry about changing my ticket if things get pushed back some.


  1. I'm so glad to hear that you are feeling well this protocol. Absolutely a good omen. :)

  2. Yay!! Glad everything is going so well with all your meds so far! So enc outraging to hear. Gotta stay positive! :)