Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Granny Panties

I’ve never been a TMI blogger and I’ll try hard not to start being one today but man are these suppositories nasty!  I think I could handle it if we were talking 1 time per day at bed or something, but no, I have to take them 4 times a day.

I seriously can only wear granny panties right now and go through about 10 panty liners a day.  Since I only own 3 pairs of granny panties, I think I need to go shopping.

I’m excited tonight is finally here because I take my first shot of Luveris.  No, I’m not excited because I love giving myself shots, I’m excited because it means I can quit worrying about how to do it!  If you’ve been reading this blog much you’ve probably realized I’m a total spaz/control freak/stress case.  I’ve been worrying about the stupid Luveris shot for weeks. 

I pulled up a video on you tube today at work just to watch how I was supposed to mix the two, it actually was made by SIRM (Sher institute of reproductive medicine).  I’m ready to take off for Vegas so that I’m not just sitting at work worrying about IVF, I feel like a kid with ADD!


  1. Sounds lovely,,,,, not. Ah, the things we will go through on our quest for baby.

    Just out of curiosity,,, what is the viagra suppository supposed to do? I've never heard of it being used as part of IVF before?

  2. Oh, I hate those darn suppositories! YUCK! I hear ya sister! And it gets sooo hard to focus on anything while cycling! I'm excited for you to keep movin!

  3. My New Normal - The V-supps are supposed to increase blood flow to your uterine lining and make it thicker, I think its a relatively new idea and not widely used.

  4. Wait how come I never got Viagra! Sigh. Alas, my uterine lining was never the issue. But I can remember watching youtube to figure out how to do the oily progesterone in the ass...good luck!

  5. You are soooo funny! I say, stock up on the granny panties...the bigger then better. When your "happily ever after comes," you will need them for awhile to accommodate your they are great for post-egg retrieval bloating. When we were doing IVF, you could always tell where I was at in my cycle by where the granny panties were at in my drawer - front and center, or stuffed in the back? I LOVE that someone has finally blogged about something that we all experience.

    P.S. I used to use Luveris, with my first RE. So feel free to ask any questions you have that Dr. Google can't answer.

  6. This post inspired me to write my most recent post about prometrium panties!! LOL! Only in the IF world, right???