Thursday, August 4, 2011

IVF 1.5 Day 1 (Lupron and Dexamethasone)

Here is this morning’s lovely cocktail.  I woke up a whole hour before I normally do thinking I’d be ahead of the game.  I wasn’t. 

I move really really really slowly in the AM. 

I got up, let the pups out (Blue is out of town so I have to do his jobs too…) fed them breakfast, drew up my lupron, cooked myself breakfast, ate, swallowed my vitamins and fat cow meds, and then finally shot up.  The whole process took 40 minutes, how sad is that??

Besides waking up at the butt crack of dawn, (ok actually the sun rose 26 minutes before me…) today is a great day.  I finally started meds, which seems to never come when you’re waiting to start a cycle!  I also have a massage scheduled today at lunch, I feel so fancy!  And, to top it off I have tomorrow off which means I get to pump myself full of drugs and then fall back into bed!

I’m pleased to let you know that as of yet I am not any fatter than yesterday, we’ll see how tomorrow goes… 


  1. Is it weird to say I miss injecting myself...hmmm...savor it all! You'll be preggo in just a few weeks!! :) Good luck with the cow pills...eeks..those I prob. wouldn't miss too much;) You'll rock 'em though! No letting any tiny little pill get ya down!! LOL!

  2. BTW--I'm loving the new blog CUTE! :)

  3. LOL, I love how you said you feel fancy! You crack me up. Yay for starting meds! Woot! Fingers crossed that you don't get fat lol :)

  4. Hey Lindsay, I'm not a creepy stalker or anything, we've actually been chatting through the Sher boards. I just wanted to let you know that your photo has your full name and address printed on the label of your dex bottle. I can't really see the address but anyone with some halfway sophisticated software could. You might want to edit that out. I'm sure its fine but one can never be too careful on the Internet.

    Hope injections are going well for you! Good luck with the cycle! As an encouragement, I have a friend who has stage 4 endo and is now pregnant with twins through Dr. Sher. Fingers and toes crossed for you!

  5. Liesel, thanks for the heads up, I pulled the pic for now until I get an edited one up! Awesome sucess story! I love to hear about endo girls that have had sucess!

  6. Hi Lindsey!
    We are almost on the same protocol!? Taking same meds for now and all! I might as well say we are "cyclebuddies" :D And about coming to Vegas,,, is it for the cycle? Which RE are you going? I am in the care of Dr.Sher! Oh and Lupron makes you sleep?? I think Dex's effect is a lot stronger so I am more wide away than feeling of sleepiness LOL!