Wednesday, December 26, 2012

I Miss Blogging

It has been 4 full months since I've posted here.  I've missed it.

Life got a little crazy with Blue's deployment and managing Marek's allergies but things have slowed down enough now that I'm hoping to start blogging regularly again....

Quick updates on life:

Marek and I attempted to continue BF for 2 months after finding out all of his allergens but got to a point where breast was no longer best for either of us.  Since switching him to hypoallergenic formula we are both much happier people!

We have started introducing him to solids slowly, as of now he can have rice cereal, squash, spinach, sweet potatoes and chicken.  We're hoping to introduce a fruit next.  I'm still too paranoid about corn contamination to buy baby food so I'm still making it all myself (which is super easy and I'll probably just keep doing.)

We had him re-tested for allergies and he is still allergic to 15 of the top 20 allergens, the only one he got back was garlic, at least his food will taste good!

Blue's deployment went smoothly and we're so happy to have him home.  I have the utmost respect for single parents, it is a really hard job!

First snuggles after Daddy got home
 We spent most of October and November in Montgomery Alabama for a military school.  We had a great time touring the south and just enjoying the warm weather!

Baby's First Oysters on Bourbon Street in New Orleans!
Marek is now the proud owner of 2 teeth and likes to use them on anything he can get his mouth around.  On thanksgiving he bit his own arm so hard he left a mark that lasted the entire day...  He sits up on his own and started crawling on the 23rd, turns out he just needed the right motivation and coffee cups and Christmas presents provided it!
He wore these antlers around without complaining for so long!
I'm back at work 2 days a week and Marek stays with his Nana (Blue's mom) one day and his MaMaw (my mom) the other.  Its the best of both worlds and I'm praying I can keep this schedule up for a while!

 I'll update with more pics soon.  I swear all I've done for the last 8 months is take pictures of my little man...