Monday, August 22, 2011

We're Triggering Tonight!!

We went in for our first E2 and folli-scan this morning.  It was a polar opposite trip to our last folli-scan, Dr. SS did the ultrasound himself and my right ovary looked like a piece of popcorn!  It was incredible!  Even Blue knew it was good news from looking at the monitor.  I couldn’t help myself, I kept cheering “way to go ovary!” I think he thought I was nuts.  He kept saying, “I told you all you needed was the right protocol!”

I have ten almost mature follicles on my right ovary, (some are even 20 mm already so hopefully we’re not too late for those guys) and only one follicle ready on my left.  Dr. SS said sometimes one ovary works great and the other just shuts down so I guess that’s what happened with the left one.  He originally thought we’d trigger Wednesday or Thursday so it’s a huge surprise to be ready for trigger tonight!  Nurse L showed Blue how to give me the shot today, and wants him to do it in my arm so that should be interesting.  I also have to admit I’m pretty excited to start using my ridiculously nerdy trigger calculator, maybe I’ll have to start an experiment with it…

I feel hopeful, for the first time in a really long time.  I feel like we might have a shot at this.   I was expecting to either have to come back for a banking cycle or to move on to egg donation or adoption.  I’m scared to let myself really feel the excitement, but part of me thinks it’s worth it to just let myself be hopeful for once, even if I do get crushed again.

Today I also got to meet another IF sister in real life!  We’ll call her A, she’s also cycling with Dr. SS right now.  Blue and I had lunch with her and her husband at a great breakfast place near the clinic.  It was so nice to look someone in the face who you know is going through all the same things as you!  Please keep her and her follies in your prayers since she’ll be going in for another check tomorrow.

I also want to give a shout out to Braving IVF and a fabulous post she put together about what to do in Vegas when you’re here for IVF!  Blue and I took one of her suggestions and hit an outlet mall today, when I feel well enough to get out again we’ll be hitting up some of her restaurant suggestions.  We're also planning to eat at another restaurant reccomended by A miracle 4 Us, but for now I don’t feel like doing much other than lying in bed, which isn’t even that comfortable!


  1. I am so excited for you! I have been following your new IVF journey. Praying for good healthy mature eggs!!

  2. So glad the scan went well! And it's nice to trigger so quickly.

    I had to do my own arm shot (first I'd done it in the arm too) and it was surprisingly easy and painless albeit awkward (I leaned against a door jamb to squish my upper arm. :) Sore after, like a flu shot, but not terrible.

    Glad my post was helpful. :)

    FX for retrieval!

  3. Yay! Such exciting news for you. Let me feel hopeful for you then!! Keep me posted about the trigger calculator! :)

  4. YAYYYYYYYYYYY ovary!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so glad your appointment went well, and I can't wait to hear more updates! sounds like you are having a blast in Vegas!! :)

  5. WOO! Good job ovary! ;) hehe

  6. I've got everything crosses for you friend!

  7. WOOHOO!!!! SO SO happy for you and your ovary :)
    I can TOTALLY relate to wanting to just lay down and see Vegas from the bedside!!! haha....enjoy the days following ET. xo

  8. Hey this is "A". Thanks for introducing me to this world of blogging infertile amazing women. I have been reading your blog and many others and wow! Everyone is saying all the things I think but cant say to women not going through this because they wouldnt get it. Last night I read a womans rant about all of her friends that have gotten prego over the past 2 years and how she has had to "fake" being happy for them. I SOOOO feel the same!

    Anyways, thank you. Its about 5 hours before your procedure today and I am starting the positive vibes your way. I am so excited for you. I cant wait to hear the wonderful outcome! - A