Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A Little Disappointed

We went in for our first follie check today.  I’m disappointed… Maybe I shouldn’t be, maybe it’s premature but I’m still down in the dumps.

I had 4 or 5 follies over 9 mm on my right ovary and 2 or 3 over 8 mm on my left.  There were a few other small ones that I doubt will amount to much.  Seven decent follies feels really mediocre.  I’m not used to being mediocre.

Hopefully the doc will call before 2 pm and let me know what the plans are because right now I’m feeling pretty low. 

Guess now I’ll go G.oog.le the crap out of follicle counts and ooccyte outcomes…


My nurse just said that my estrodiol levels are really low and asked if I'm taking all my meds.  This can't be good.  I'm freaking out.


  1. I'm sorry you are feeling disappointed with your follie check today. Did your doc not do the scan? I hope you keep us updated when he calls!

    FX for you, Lindsey!!

  2. Thanks Kara. My doc is about 2 hours away so I'll have my US and B/W done here and then go there for ER and Transfer. I've been doing some research (Dr. Google) and it sounds like my numbers aren't as dire as I might have thought. Maybe some little ones will beef up by retreival day? I should know more this afternoon.

  3. hahaha...googling the crap out of folly counts and outcomes..I laugh because I do the same thing.

    7 follies isn't mediocre at all. You never know..those could be all star follies. I would take my 13 crapper eggs from last cycle for 7 all stars any day. There isn't any way to know, just try and relax. It's way out of your hands at this point.