Thursday, May 5, 2011

Winning like Charlie Sheen

I can’t believe I finally have stuff to blog about and I’m too busy to write it down!  I’ve started 3 different posts in the last 3 days and haven’t had time to finish them!

Here is the quick version: The lupron is cake!  I passed the pre-IVF suppression check today!

Here is the long version: 

Lupron vs. Lindsey

I didn’t realize how much I had worked myself up over an itty bitty shot, literally a tiny ½ inch needle!  My mother in law, who is a nurse, and my father in law, who is a doctor, came over to give me my first Lupron shot on Tuesday.  There was a lot of build up because we talked about it a bunch and then my parents happened to stop by at the same time and then finally, an hour later, I got poked. 

Here was my response: That was it?  It hurt less than some of the acupuncture needles I’ve had. 

It was so easy Tuesday night that I decided to do it myself last night and just have my MIL watch to make sure I was doing it right.  I was.  I’m feeling a little nauseous but over all fabulous.

Final score: Lurpon 0, Lindsey 2

Pre-ultra sound vs. Lindsey

I’ve been stressing about this check up since my first appointment in February.  In February I had one 2+ cm complex cyst on my right ovary and one 1 cm simple cyst on the right ovary.  As I’m sure you all know, any cyst seen on a pre-IVF ultra sound means, best case you have to keep suppressing to get it to go away, or worst case they have to go in and drain it (the same procedure as egg retrieval.)

I think I was justifiably worried since:
1. I always have cysts on my sucky ovaries
2. We don’t have time for delays
3. We don’t have time for delays

So, in my usual fashion, I let the worry built until my appointment today and freaked out every time the tech measured something.  As if a good wanding wasn’t fun enough on its own, I kept jumping a squealing every time she tried to get the cross hairs on what I thought might be a cyst!  Not even joking, I did this 3 times while she was still looking at my uterus… When she was close to ready to kill me I finally suggested that maybe she should just walk me through what she was measuring.

I learned the following fun facts:
1. My uterus is not quite as "perfect" as I thought it was, it actually tips backwards.
2. I have a funny left ovary that is long and skinny.
3. I hate being wanded, its creepy, I’ll never get over it.
4. I have NO cysts on either ovary!!!

Final Score: Stupid Cysts 0, Lindsey 1


  1. Yay for starting! Yay for lupron being easy!! Yay for supportive medically minded family members! Yay for no cysts!! You are winning like Charlie Sheen:)

  2. You are DEFINITELY winning my dear! And I told you that you would be giving yourself those shots in no time! ;)

  3. You are too funny!!! U'm glad things are going so well for you. You clearly have a bit of tiger DNA in you.

  4. Fantastic that you're "cyst-less"... and great that your injections are going OK :)) I'm with you on not wanting any delays and FXd for you all the way xoxo

  5. Oh my gosh, you crack me up!! I'm so glad that there will be no delays! WOOT!

  6. You are toooooo cute. I am happy all is working so nicely for you. xoxoxoxo