Friday, May 6, 2011

Coming out of the blog closet

I have to admit it.  My blog is a secret.  No one in my real life was ever supposed to know about it.

That all ended just before Blue left when he used the internet on my IPad and asked why I kept going to this same site?  So I had to come clean and but I asked him not to read it so that I could still vent and have a safe place to do it.  He said he would stop reading it but he lied. 

Hi Blue.

Now I’m considering coming out of the closet to everyone else.  I’ve recently connected in a crazy way with a fabulous blog buddy in real life and it turns out we’ll probably end up spending a bit of time together and will let blog stuff slip every once and a while.  I’m also about to meet another awesome girl in a week or so who is coming to AK for IVF with Dr. BFP!

So I realize, as my blog friends become my real-life friends, maybe my real-life friends need to become my blog friends too.   

I read back through most of my old posts today and I don’t think there is too much info that would offend the average fertile.  I tend to veer away from TMI talk about CM and what not so they shouldn’t be too grossed out.  Basically I’ll just be letting them in to a little extra slice of my psyche, if they even choose to read it.

So what do you think ladies?  Should I come out of the closet?


  1. I've been wondering the same thing recently... only my husband knows about my blog but not sure whether what friends/family IRL will think. I will probably tell them eventually b/c I don't like keeping secrets from them and maybe its a good way to let them know what's going on. I'm just a little hesitant b/c once it's "out", I can't make this a secret space again. xoxo

  2. I'm telling you, I slipped (or almost slipped) about 10 times yesterday in front of your sister! We met on the internet - it's time to be loud and proud about it!! ;) (By the way - how the heck did you tell her we met anyway?!?)

    I say come on out... it's nice here in the open, I promise!

  3. I have fertility friends who know about, and read, my blog, but none of my non-IF friends or my family know about the blog. I never want to have to censor my thoughts...this is my one place to be free. But, I find that it is a great way to keep people informed and limit questions at difficult times, as long as they are the right people to know. Best of luck with whatever you decide to do.

  4. For me...I have a select few real life folks and whomever in cyberspace. I like the ability to vent worry free...that's why I wanted to do the blog. If I want to announce something to the whole world...well, that's Facebook material.