Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Math of IVF

Today I had my last ultrasound to be released from Dr. Sher.

The Bubble at 10 weeks, you can clearly see arms and legs now, we even saw fingers today!

I did a little reminiscing today and this is what I came up with…

2 attempted IVF cycles consisting of:

42 Subcutaneous Shots
+ 99 Pills (not including vitamins or supplements!)
+ 81 Vaginal Suppositories
+ 56 Intramuscular Shots
+ 3 Intravenous Intralipid Infusions
(+ 210 more SubQ shots of Lovenox to come)
+ 3 plane tickets across the country

= 1 Perfect 10 week old fetus

I wish IVF math was as consistent as regular math.  I wish if you just added the right number of things together it always equaled a baby.  Today I’m ecstatic for me but I’m also grieving for all of the other infertile women out there who’s math didn’t work out as well as mine.


  1. This reminds me of a certain Christmas song...The 12 Days of IVF? lol. I'm glad to see you and The Bubble are doing so well.

  2. What a cute lil pic of bubble! Funny how all of a sudden they start to look like a real baby in there?! Your IVF Math is crazy, that is a hell of a lot of pills and injections my friend! Did you book for your NT scan? (if you're getting one?) Do you have your OB all picked and ready to go? So exciting, isn't it??

  3. That is a perfect pic of your lil babe!!! Perfect indeed! And well worth all the math you had to go through to get to this point!
    It's like the commercials:
    Plane tickets: $500
    Meds: $5000
    IVF: $25000
    Seeing that lil bubble: Priceless

  4. beautiful little bubble!!

    I think you should add the number of vaginal ultrasounds to the math :).

  5. Look at that perfect little baby!! What a beautiful picture!

  6. Just looking at that photo - it is so worth it :)

  7. Wow... those are amazing stats !! Love the photo of your little one xoxo

  8. what a beautiful ultrasound! Sooo happy for you!

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