Monday, October 17, 2011

Blue put his foot down

I love my Blue.  He is the voice of reason while I am the worrier.  Most of the time he lets me go on my merry way and rarely weighs in on a decision I’m passionate about, but every once in a while he puts his foot down and takes a stand.  When he does, I listen.

Blue put his foot down this weekend. 

Once I fully understood the clotting/lovenox issue I explained it all to him, but truthfully I didn’t expect him to weigh in.  I had already decided to go with my Alaska doctors and not take the Lovenox, just request monitoring of my homocysteine levels. 

After I explained all of this to Blue he replied in a stern voice, “why would we stop trusting Dr. Sher now?”  He went on to explain that we’ve regretted the times we didn’t listen to him and have yet to regret a single thing we did listen to.  He pointed out that we aren’t doctors, our choice is which doctor to trust and he trusts Dr. Sher, so do I.

So the decision is made. 

I took my first Lovenox shot last night and it wasn’t too bad.  Thanks to all the ladies out there who gave advice on how to avoid bruising/stinging.


  1. I love husbands and their voice of reason! He's right - you gotta trust the docs. He helped get your pregnant so trust his prescription for keeping you pregnant!! Lots of luck and good wishes.

  2. I kind of love Blue weighing in... You are a shot taking rock star my friend. You've totally got this!

  3. Yay! I'm so glad you both have come to a decision that you're comfortable with. And I love that you're a team. That is one lucky baby!

  4. Go Blue!! Sometimes we just need our husbands to step in! :)

  5. Glad you got over this hurdle, now lay off the worrying for a day? Okay at least give it an hour :) love ya

  6. I'm so glad Blue weighed in and made the decision easier for you. I love it when my husband does that. I'm really glad that things are progressing well for you and am so grateful to be sharing your journey. Take care of yourself, and your little bubble.