Thursday, November 3, 2011

12 Weeks and NT Scan

I’m sorry I’ve been such a bad blogger lately.  I’ve even had a few people call/email me to make sure me and the baby were OK.  We’re great I promise!  Again, I’m sorry, I’ve just been busy and super tired and dressing my dog up as a turtle...

Doesn't he look so happy?  Only dog in the world who smiles when dressed up...
Yesterday we had our 12 week NT scan.  We won’t know the official results for another week but the measurements looked good.  We got a beautiful profile picture of our little one too!  Also, the ultrasound tech warned not to decorate the nursery on her prediction but she thinks it’s a boy and as of now her predictions have been 100% correct! 

I’m trying not to get too attached to the idea of a boy incase we find out 6 weeks from now that it’s a little girl in there!  Either way I’m excited, so our early guess of boy shouldn’t affect me too much.  I think Blue might be another story though… He’s scared to have a girl, probably because she’ll wrap him right around her tiny finger and he’ll be there for the rest of his life!

As of now I’m making some serious progresses in the pregnancy symptoms front.  Here they are in random order:
  • I cooked dinner (for the first time in almost 3 months!)
  • Dex's baby is shrinking and Blue’s baby is growing.
  • I’m not constantly hungry (since I dropped the dex and progesterone!)
  • Lovenox is cake!  Thanks again for the advice on how to make the injections not sting ladies!
  • I made it to the magical point where you’re supposed to stop worrying so much
  • I slept through the night with out getting up to pee last night (no illusions here, I realize this was a freak incident but it seemed worth including.)
  • I’m getting over the irrational fear that I’m “jinxing” my pregnancy every time I talk to someone about it.
  • I’m able to eat food besides boxed mac and cheese and pistachios

Now for the list of things I have not been able to make progress on but am confident I will remedy in the near future:
  • It makes me gag to open the fridge, it doesn’t smell to anyone but me though.
  • The only acceptable breakfast option is a bagel or instant oatmeal and even those don’t sit very well.
  • I am always tired.  I want to go to bed at 7 pm.  I hear mixed reviews on when this will end, but I think Blue will freak out if it doesn’t end soon.
  • Vegetables sound awful.


  1. We dressed our dogs up for Halloween too! We dressed our oldest yorkie up all the time when she was younger and she absolutely loves it! We would come home from grocery shopping and she would check all the bags for a new outfit and if there was one in there she'd pull it out, almost begging us to put it on her! Some dogs just love the attention I think! Our other two would rather go naked.

    I don't see many u/s pictures, but it still amazes me how a 12 week old still tiny baby already looks like a baby! Whatever he or she is, it's a cutie already! :)

  2. Glad everything went so well! The lil pic of your baby is so cute! I love how real and like a baby they look already! Hope all keeps going just as well! :)

  3. Awww, I love both pictures from this post! Your dog is such a cutie, and who wouldn't love being a turtle?!

    Your baby pic is just stunning!! What a wonderful profile shot!

    Good to hear from you <3