Friday, November 4, 2011

I have great news and not so great news

I’ll start with the not so great news: 

Have I mention that if they test me for it I’ll have it?  Please add placenta previa to the list.

As I understand it, placenta previa means that my placenta is covering my cervix.  They say it’s fairly common early on and often resolves its self before the baby is due.  If it doesn’t resolve its self it means C-section.  As for now it means pelvic rest and lifting no more than 10 lbs.

I actually laughed when the nurse called to tell me this yesterday.  If I’ve learned nothing else through the last almost 3 years of infertility, IVF and pregnancy, I’ve learned that you have NO control over anything and there is no point in worrying because it won’t change a thing.

Now for the great: 

I forgot to tell you I graduated!  Graduated from what you ask? 


My 12 week scan was all trans-abdominal!!!


  1. Hooray for no more wanding! :-)

    Placenta previa is quite common. I know lots of women who've had it early on and gone on to have uneventful pregnancies and vaginal deliveries.

    Still, you'd think the Universe could cut you a break once you're pregnant. Geesh.

  2. Goodbye wandy!!!

    For the previa- I was diagnosed with it as well at about 13weeks after a heavy bleeding scare in the ER. After 16wks (faster than most clear) it was only a partial previa and by 20 wks it was gone. My OB said that since the uterus is still so small at that point that some placenta is almost always covering the cervix. As your uterus grows, the placenta will migrate away- in most cases!

    Hope all continues to go well!

  3. Yay!! I think that's probably the best graduation a person (at least infertile women) can experience! Congrats!

  4. I don't know what you're talking about. I personally love a good wanding!

  5. FXd for you that your placenta keeps moving up... I was devastated when they told me that I needed a c-section to deliver my daughter (b/c she was breech)... but it wasn't as bad as I was expecting :) Congrats on your graduation xoxo

  6. Jeez!!! I cannot believe all the crazy news you have been hit with. I swear this is the most amazing pregnancy story I've heard for awhile! Your little babe is quite the fighter. I hope no more craziness happens. Hugs!! And yay for no more wanding lol :)

  7. Dude! You deserve a break! I'm sure it will come in the form of a totally adorable, bright, healthy baby. THAT will be your break. And I'm so glad you and Wanda are breaking up.

  8. You have such a great attitude with everything that keeps getting shoved our way. If it makes you feel any better, my placenta started out low anterior (not quite diagnosable previa) and is now up in a position where it won't cause any problems. I'm hoping yours will shift too. Hurry for no more wanding!!!