Thursday, April 28, 2011

So much for relaxation!

Here goes nothin' girls!  Everything is ready to go.  Meds are being shipped over-night tonight.  We start next week.  Here is the official timeline....

May 3rd - Start Lupron
May 5th - Pre-cycle suppression ultrasound
May 7th - Last BCP
May 12th - Start Follistim
May ? - Blue gets home
May 17th - Blood work and ultrasound
May 20th - Possible Trigger
May 21st - Possible Egg Retrieval (Start Progestrone)
May 26th - Possible 5 day transfer
May 31st - My Birthday, first POAS, leave for Europe!

Only real question now is what we'll do about Betas?  Maybe just not do them at all?  When we get back from Europe I'll be 6.5 weeks along and almost ready for the first ultrasound! (Notice how I'm speaking in the positive polly tense.)


  1. yay, glad you have a plan. sounds like it all fell in to place.. xx all the best

  2. ya ya ya ya ya ya ya ya ya ya ya ya ya ya ya ya ya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Game on sista.

  3. I can't believe it's here!! Bring on the Lupron lady!

  4. Fantastic... great to have a plan :)) Best to have less time to worry about starting and will make for a lovely and well-deserved holiday in Europe xoxo

  5. YEAH! I'm so excited for you. I luaghed at this post because I can just feel how much you are basking in the comfort of embraking on a good plan. I'm with ya'. I think it is splendid that you are going to Europe, too. I'm, keeping my fingers crossed that it ends up being a celebration trip and that you get lots of strange looks from airport security when they see all of the positive POAS in your luggage.

  6. OMG YEAH!! SO EXCITED FOR YOU! Good luck!!!!!

  7. OMG!!!! That would be the BEST birthday ever! We are only days apart on this cycle too :0 BEST OF LUCK!