Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Holy Crap

** UPDATE **
I talked to Blue and hes on-board for option 3!  I talked to the pharmacy and they can get the meds here in time!  Now I'm just waiting on a call back from Nurse Smiley to give me the official OK!!!  HOLY CRAP!

I need some quick advice so weigh in ladies!

I called Nurse Smiley today to make sure it was OK to start my injections the day we get back from Europe.  Apparently they somehow forgot when I was supposed to be cycling and Dr. BFP booked a trip to a conference out of state the week of egg retrieval and embryo transfer.

So now here are my options....

1. Probably the smartest... delay by 3 weeks.  Start meds July 12th, likely ER July 30th, potential due date April 21 2012.  Pros: Would make the Europe trip more relaxing.  Would allow me to get home and get my body in the most healthy condition possible.   Cons:  Waiting another month.  If it doesn't work I'll be more upset because I waited and put everything into it.

2. Probably too much... Push forward 2 weeks.  Start meds in Croatia (which means travel with them) on June 9th, likely ER June 27th, potential due date March 19th 2012.  Pros: Start sooner.  Cons: May end up missing my step sister in-law's (but also friend) wedding, most likely embryo transfer would be on the wedding day.  Also would have to take meds and focus on TTC in Europe.

3. Probably the one I want to do the most... start next week.  Start meds May 3rd, likely ER May 21st, potential due date February 11th 2012.  Pros: Sooner!!!  We'll know in Europe if it worked and it could be like a second honeymoon, if it didn't work it might hurt less because I can drink wine in Italy.  If it doesn't work we can try again with option 1.  Cons: Really really soon, maybe not even possible.  Might find out I'm not pregnant in Europe...

Ok, so I can't talk to Blue until he calls tonight (probably around midnight.)  So I need your help trying to decide before then.  Let me know what you think, which is the best option, which is the worst?


  1. That's a difficult one... if I were in your shoes, I would want 3 too but also know that a rest from TTC/IVF has been a great help to us and a relaxing trip to Europe sounds very rejuvinating. Your heart will let you know the best thing for you... and ultimately there's no real right or wrong answer. Love to you always xoxo

  2. hmmmm yes. i know i would want number 3 but i know my mr would talk me down to number 1. Same problem... i wanted a FET this month but we go away to fiji at the weekend, so we wanted to enjoy it and if it did work (and most likely miscarry) i would miss our fresh cycle in july..hmm i was all gunhoe about it then my mr made me...(well we decided to just wait til july)... the wait is killing me but prob for the best... Hope you are happy with your decision tho. xx

  3. I would do #3!!! OMG! But that's just me :-)
    Maybe #1 would be better? Ahh I don't know. That's a tough one. Good luck!! Can't wait to hear what you decide!

  4. Two is definitely out. If Number 3 is possible, that would be my choice. I understand why No. 1 is more practical, but can you enjoy your vacation with that hanging over your head? I'm too obsessive. I wouldn't be able to...but you are more level-headed than me, so it might work fo you. I can't wait to hear how this turns out.

  5. I START MY MEDS MAY 3rd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    How crazy would that be :)