Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Train of thought Tuesday


I have the most random thoughts/internal dialogs in the work bathroom. Every time I leave there I end up shaking my head and wondering if I’m crazy. My final thought before shaking my head at myself this morning was “If I were a stripper I’d have a monkey to pick up the money!”

I don’t know why this only happens in the work bathroom, at home I have totally reasonable trips to the restroom, at work is another story all together…. Maybe I feel the need to shut down my brain since it works too hard all day? Today’s internal dialog happened in less than 1 minute and I didn’t wake up from the insanity until I was washing my hands.

I went to unhook my work pants (which have way too many buttons and hooks by the way) and felt a lump of money in my pocket. The following is where my thought train went from there…

Oh yeah, I brought cash today since I’m going out for lunch with my coworkers.

I would never have remembered the cash except I accidentally washed it and it was scattered all over the bed with my clean un-folded laundry.

I had to crawl around on my bed and dig all through my laundry to get the cash, those dollar bills were scattered everywhere!

I feel bad for strippers because they have to crawl around on stage for their tips like that.

I think stripping would be OK if it weren’t for the fact that you have to crawl around on the stage after you dance to get all the scattered money.

I think I would enjoy stripping more than I enjoy my current job.

I could be a stripper, I’d just have a monkey and then after I was done the monkey could pick up the money!

*For the record I'm not considering quitting engineering to become a stripper (I might consider getting a monkey though...), just thought I'd let you into how my Brian problem solves when I'm not reining it in!


  1. Best blog post ever!!!!!! I cried it was so funny.

  2. Monkeys have a habit of throwing and eating their own poop. That might cut into your tips...or it might increase them. My mind need not be in the work bathroom to travel down thr road of randomness with you. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I'm glad to know that I'm not the only one who "wanders off" once in awhile. Great post!