Thursday, February 17, 2011

I'm a miracle baby

Did I ever tell you that I’m a miracle baby?  Some babies are planned, some are accidents and some are miracles, just like ours will be when we get our take home babies.

My mom got pregnant with my first sister at 16, this was in the 50’s and getting pregnant meant growing up, getting married and quitting school.  So that’s what she did, and she was a great mom, she quickly got pregnant with my next sister and then my third sister.  Things didn’t work out with my sisters’ dad so they divorced when the girls were young.  Mom continued to rock as a mom, get her GED and become a very successful real estate agent.

When she was 35 she met my Dad and it was instant love.  They are still in puppy love 35 years later, its amazing.  They decided to get married and since my Dad didn’t have children of his own they started trying to get pregnant.  It didn’t happen, and then it didn’t happen some more.  You all know or have lived this story so I won’t go through the agony of it but eventually her doctor recommended surgery to check for endo.  This was very leading edge in the early 80’s, so she got all cleaned up and then 9 months later got pregnant with my sister Maggie.  At that time they had been trying for 5 years and Mom was 40 years old.

They thanked God for their gift and decided to be happy with one little miracle baby.  Two and a half years later mom started feeling weird.  She went into the doctor to see if she was going through menopause and found out instead that my little miracle butt had snuggled up in her uterus for a nine month stay!  As a lesser miracle I don’t have down syndrome and the odds of having it with a 43 year old mother are very high.  I was, however, almost completely bald until I was 4, everyone thought I was a boy despite my pink frilly dresses.  My sister’s referred to me as a 40 year old egg!  I don’t know if my egg age and baldness actually correlate but it still makes me laugh.

I’m very close to my four sisters, even though the older ones are aged more like an aunt to a “normal” family, we call ourselves Mom’s two litters.  The one thing I noticed with our two litters was the benefit to having older established parents and especially parents who loved each other unconditionally.  I decided this is how I wanted to live my life, I’d wait to have kids until I found the perfect man and we established ourselves. 

I wonder if I’d been an irresponsible teen and not used BC if I’d be a mother right now? 

I wonder if I’d been an irresponsible college student if I’d be a mother right now?

I wonder if I’d thrown away the BC on our honeymoon if I’d be a mother right now?

I wonder if I’d be able to appreciate being a mother if I hadn’t had to work so hard for it?


  1. Beautiful post! What a miracle your mother has in you and what a blessing your babies will be, to call you mother.

    You made me cry tonight!



  2. What a fabulous post. Everytime I read your posts I laugh and smile...which is refreshing with everything I'm going through. I also was a "miracle baby," but for totally different reasons. My Mom was 25 when she had me, and had a great OBGYN tha she loved. But on February 11th of the year I was born, she went into labor. The nurse told her to cross her legs and hold it because they couldn't get ahold of the doctor. This went on for hours and finally my Mom said "This baby is coming with or without a doctor." At 1 a.m., on February 12th, I was born with the help of an orthopedic surgeon - Dr. Miracle. I was his one and only delivery and he kept in touch with my Mom the first couple of years of my life to find out how the "Mircale Baby" was doing. I guess it was a running joke at the hospital. You were a TRUE miracle baby, but I just had to share because as soon as I started reading your post I realized we had one more thing in common.

  3. Wow, what an awesome post! That is an amazing story. I often think about the same what ifs. Hugs.