Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I LOVE Schedules!

Got lots of awesome news today!  It feels weird writing this post before I even talk to Blue but I only get to talk to him once a day, usually in the morning.

I called Nurse Smiley.  On her cell phone.  (I'm still amazed I have a cell number to call and no longer have to talk to receptionists who have no idea what I'm talking about!)  In order are my questions and the fabulous nurse's answers...

1. Me - The Desogen BC pills are terrible, here are the side effects I'm having : nausea, bloating, tender breasts, spotting (for 12 days straight).  Can I please be switched to Apree, I've taken them and they work.
Nurse Smiley - OK, lets switch you.  Doc, is it OK if she takes Apree instead?  I'll fax in the prescription when we get off the phone.

2. Me - I'm stressing about what will happen if my complex cyst doesn't go away.  Do I need to have another lap before retrieval? Another ultrasound before I start the lupron?
Nurse Smiley - Quit worrying!  You don't need another lap, if the cyst hasn't gone away after the first ultrasound we'll just aspirate it during retrieval in a different catheter than the follicles.
Me - Will it take up room on my ovary for good follies to grow?
Nurse Smiley - Quit worrying! No, it will be fine, we see this all the time.  The important part is just not mixing the fluid in the cyst with the eggs, which we'll be ready for.

3. Me - Schedule?  Blue gets home beginning of May, we'll be in Europe May 14th - June 4th.  When should I start what?
Nurse Smiley - Here's the plan.
  1. Stop BC pills 5/31
  2. Start Lupron 6/21
  3. Pre-ultrasound check for ovarian suppression 6/23
  4. Stop BC pills 6/25
  5. Start Follistim 6/30
  6. Possible egg retrieval! 7/9
  7. Possible D5 Transfer! 7/14
  8. Potential early test date 7/23
Holy crap!  Having a schedule makes it so much more real!  I can't believe we're really doing this!  I wanted to start 2 weeks before this plan but unfortunately we have a wedding to go to that falls right around potential retrieval / transfer times...  Really this plan is the best.  I don't have to have a period right when Blue gets home.  I don't have to take any crazy meds on our trip. I don't have to stress about when retrieval will happen because there is nothing to get in the way!


  1. Great to have a plan... sounds like you're on a similar cycle to me :)... & I'm stressing about the cyst I have too. I wish they would bottle (then give-out/sell) the calming/reassuring nature that these IVF people have, so that we could take a sip of it whenever we're feeling stressed... they all seem soooo calm and positive :)) xoxo

  2. I had some good size cysts for my retrieval, and still got 10 eggs... so Nurse Smiley is right - stop worrying! I love that you have her cell phone number too! :)

  3. SOOO exciting! I loved getting my dates, too! Woot! I agree to try not to worry about the cyst, but I definitely understand. Good luck!

  4. I'm so excited for you. Don't you love it when they spell it out. It's like such a weight is lifted and you can't help but be happy. (Says the list maker to the spreadsheet maker). Sounds like you have a really great team, too.

  5. It is so nice to have a plan!! Takes a lot of the pressure off and you can just look forward to the success that you will have with it! :o)
    ~ A

  6. Great news!

    This is going to be perfect!