Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Its official, Blue and I are going to Europe for three weeks then starting our IVF cycle as soon as we get home!!  I bought the tickets yesterday which was really scary but also a relief once it was done.

I’ve always been the responsible focused girl, always had a long term plan in which travelling for longer than a week never seemed to fit.  I didn’t study abroad during high school or college because I worried that they wouldn’t be able to teach all my important science and math classes in another language, and I didn’t want to end up set back a whole year because of it.  I never went back packing through Europe in the summer because I couldn’t afford to, I was busy saving money for college.  Then I graduated and finally had money but only two weeks of vacation for the whole year, so traveling was out again.  Then I had the perfect schedule, for every two weeks I worked I had two weeks off, but I still didn’t take any epic vacations because of Blue’s job and wanting to spend time with him.  Then we were trying to make a baby so I didn’t want to book a trip because what if I was 7 months pregnant?  Would I even be allowed to fly?  What about that amazing wine and unpasteurized cheese in Italy??

Finally there is an opportunity where my obsessive planning and desire to travel didn’t clash.  We've been planning to be pregnant for so long that we've saved alot of money, the IVF is costing 1/4 what I expected and this year I have three weeks of vacation instead of two!  This trip will be a perfect opportunity for Blue and I to spend some quality time before our life is ruled by shots and ultrasounds.  We’ll leave about a week after he gets home so he’ll have some time to rest and we can still take advantage of some of the time off he gets post deployment. 

Here is the plan, fly Anchorage to Frankfurt direct, hop over to Prague, down to Vienna, down to Slovenia, down to the Croatian coast, across the bay to Italy and back up to Frankfurt, all in three weeks.  We’re going to be busy!

(Here is a picture of the Croatian coast for drooling purposes, well thats what I'm doing while looking at it!)

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  1. Hello there!

    Exciting news re your trip to Europe! You will have a blast and then when you get back you will be relaxed and able to concentrate on having your baby(ies)

    Prayers going up for you!