Sunday, February 13, 2011

My first blog award!

I was nominated for my first blog award by the lovely Princess Wahna Bea Momma over at The Princess and the Pee Stick .  She actually combined two awards in one so I guess I was given two awards!  I encourage any one who reads this to check out her blog, she spins fabuolous fairytales about the not so fabulous world of infertility.  She is an eloquent writer and never fails to make me nod along in agreement while I'm reading her posts.  So thanks again to the princess for sharing your tales with the blogging world!

The Rules of accepting the awards are:

1.) Thank and Link back to the blogs that gave you your awards (see above)

2.) Share seven things about yourself.

3.)  Award 15 recently discovered great bloggers.

4.) Contact the bloggers to let them know you've given them an award.
I'm sharing 14 things about myself, seven for each award.

1. I'm afraid of cats, spiders and butterflies, really irrationally afraid of all three.
2. I've attacked everything I wanted in life with relentless zeal and until infertility had not found an insurmountable obstacle, because of this IF and I are enemies but I am even more determined to win the war and attach IF to that list of conquered goals. 

3. I’m an engineer.  Or as I prefer to call myself an engi-nerd, it is a pretty nerdy profession but  I consider it my personal job to try and get my nerd coworkers to interact and have started a weekly team building session that requires them to speak out loud and play board games.
4. I love spreadsheets.  I’m an excel guru and make spreadsheets for every aspect of my life.  In fact I made on last week that calculates doubling time for betas (just for the record I’ve never even had a positive pee stick let alone a beta, but why not be prepared?)
5. I have the most amazing husband imaginable.  He is a combat rescue officer in the air force and I like to think of him as a mix of Jack Bauer and the guy from Taken.  In all reality he’s a little less likely to kill people on the spot but he is incredibly talented and amazing in every way.
6. I have two fur babies, Panda and Trapper, 1.5 year old golden retriever / standard poodle mixes.  I believe they are a huge part of me surviving battle after failed battle with IF.  They have taught me a lot about being a mother and I can’t wait to bring home a sibling for them.
7. I’m blunt.  I hope that I’m not untactful and try not to be but I don’t sugar coat things.  I want to be given a straight answer and I think other people deserve that as well.  I despise talking behind other people’s backs, if I have something to say they hear it from me.
8. Doctors hate me.  When something is wrong with me I figure out what it is, how to fix it and then go to the doctor.  I feel like I’m doing them a favor by not wasting their time with a problem that doesn’t require medical intervention.  They feel like I’m telling them how to do their job.
9. When people ask how me and Blue met I answer: through mutual friends, he answers: at a bar.  The truth is we met through mutual friends in a bar.
10. I hate that endometriosis is such a taboo subject.  I think I’m going to have to have surgery again and I’m already worrying about what to say.
11. I’d rather have one great friend than 1000 mediocre friends.
12. This is going to sound crazy but my biggest fear from the time I was 14 was infertility and I’ve never told anyone that.  Maybe it was a premonition, who knows but our true insecurities are hard to admit and this has always topped my list.
13 . I quilt.  Pretty nerdy for a 26 year old but I love the usefulness of the final product and I love the symmetry and angles.  Problem is I am a control freak and cannot make a quilt designed by anyone else so I spend more time designing them on graph paper than I do actually sewing them.
14. If money grew on trees or I lived in a communist country I would be a high school math teacher.  I love math, there is always a right answer, never a subjective grade.  It always came easy to be but I can still explain it well. 
And the Award goes to….
I’m a new blogger so I won’t be able to link to the full 15 as required by the rules but here is my list of favorite blogs.  There are IF blogs and success after IF blogs which I also love because they give us all hope that our blogs won’t always be about IF.  Here they are, I also have them listed on my blog under Blogs I stalk:
Busted Plumbing: When Mother Nature Kicks You Right In the Ovaries!


  1. Thanks for thinkig of me friend! So very sweet of you!!

  2. Aww Lindsey. This is my first award too! Thanks. I love your blog. I'm not much of a commenter...I prefer to call myself a blog stalker lol. Can you help me to learn how to link things though? I just type out the link...hahah. I'm such a dork. I will post my blog award tonight....thanks again. P.S. I love engi-nerds....My dad is one. ha!

  3. Linsey,

    Thanks for the kind words. It is great getting to know more about you. I'm really looking forward to watching the journey that leads you and Blue to parenthood.