Monday, December 13, 2010

So the crazy diet works...

So I guess I should start this with an explanation of said crazy diet.  I've been on the endo diet for about 3 months, the basic rules are remove things from your diet that cause inflammation and your pain from endo will subside.  There is a great book on this for anyone who is interested called "Endometriosis: A key to healing through nutrition" by Dian Mills.  What she says you should do (I've slightly changed to fit my life better) is No dairy, no gluten, no caffeine, no alcohol, only organic meats, and preferably organic vegis.  I realized this would be REALLY hard to stick to so I decided to go to a naturopath first and see if I had any allergies/intolerances.  I got blood drawn and started the diet the same day, I felt like a million bucks with in 4 days!  Then about 3 weeks later I got my test results back and found out that I'm severely allergic to dairy and mildly allergic to gluten.

The jury is still out if it is coincidence that what I should not be eating is clearly called out in the endo diet, but as a general rule I would say that this is worth a try for anyone with endo.  I stayed on the diet religiously for 3 months and felt amazing!  It wasn't hard to keep with because I felt so good.  I still drink some caffeine and alcohol but was very strict about gluten and dairy. 

Me and DH went on vacation last week and eating this way is very difficult while eating out so I decided to take a vacation from being gluten free.... bad idea.  I was still strict about dairy but I ate every piece of gluten filled goodness I could find!  I had french toast and sandwiches, churros and burritos, etc.  I feel awful.  For the first time in 3 months I have the same pain as before, a strange numbing sensation that goes down my legs (the naturopath thinks this is caused by nerves/blood supply being cut off due to inflammation in my pelvic cavity.) 

This was a very interesting science project for me.  Since my allergy test results came back so strongly for dairy and only mild for gluten I attributed most of my pain reduction to avoiding dairy.  I'm going to have to re-think that...

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