Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Fur Babies

I may not have a human baby (or even one cooking) but I have 2 other babies, fur babies.  Panda Bear and Trapper are our little monsters.  I don't know what I did before I had dogs, they are so comforting when you're sad and I've been sad a lot lately...

Anyway, back to the pups, they are about a year and a half old and are half golden retriever, half standard poodle.  They act like big labs that don't shed and want nothing more in the world but to be petted.

Here is me and DH with the pups when we very first picked them out (4 weeks old)
Panda Bear and Trapper at 4 weeks old

This is little Panda (around 8 weeks)
Baby Panda Bear (8 weeks old)

This is little Trapper (around 8 weeks)
Baby Trapper (8 Weeks Old)

This is both when they were around 6 months
Panda and Trapper at 6 months