Tuesday, December 28, 2010

An eventful Christmas!

Christmas day was a little more exciting than normal this year…Short version, DH choked out a pit-bull to save Trapper and got bit in the process!

I’ll start out by introducing Trapper and Panda, our fur babies, refer to the post Furbabies for pictures.  Trapper is about 70 lbs, sweet as pie, prefers watching TV while lying on his back with us over playing with his toys.  He can be dominant at times but mostly is just a little dopey and docile.  Panda is about 60 lbs and a huge wimp, when we take him to the dog park he hides behind us until Trapper has tested out the other dog to see if it’s nice.  If it were up to Panda the world would be filled with Chihuahuas for him to play with, they’re his favorite (because they're the only breed hes not scared of).

A friend of ours is deployed and his family left for Christmas so we offered to baby sit their dog for a few days, he’s always been sweet so we figured he’d fit in just fine at our house.  Magnu is an 85 pound pit-bull with a head the size of a VW bug.   (I would like to make a disclaimer now that I have nothing against pits, I’ve met many I love and Magnu is on that list.)

We picked him up Christmas Eve morning and had a few minor tussles (always between Trapper and Magnu) over dominance but nothing major.  Then the whole family showed up for dinner and they really went at it, Trapper was bleeding from his paw so we put Magnu away until everyone left. 

Christmas morning and day went fine until Magnu saw Panda chewing a bone and went after him to get it.  I’ve never heard anything make the noise little Panda did, he screamed bloody murder!  So Trapper ran in to save him and Magnu bit his ear and locked his jaw… then Trapper started making that noise. 

When we realized he wasn’t letting go DH jumped on Magnus back and choked him out, he literally passed out, which made him release his jaw.  I had never really cared that DH did Brazilian ju-jitsu and was built like a tank before then, now I’m a pretty happy camper since Trapper still has an ear.  It took a little bit for DH to sink the choke hold and during that time Trapper accidentally bit him while trying to get loose.  So DH got a minor puncture wound on his arm. 

Luckily DH was up on his tetanus shot and his step dad is a doctor so he looked at it and gave us some antibiotics just incase.  Needless to say it was a rough night.  I hope next Christmas is more of a silent night, holy night kind of thing!

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