Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Gambling in Vegas

My repeat CD3 hormone panel is back.

AMH – 0.8 
FSH – 8.3 
Estrodiol - <20

All low/normal results for my age, according to the nurse this may mean I don’t have diminished ovarian reserve at all... 

When I originally spoke with Dr. Sher he planned to start me on 600 IUs of Folli.stim for the first 3 days of stims and then to reduce it slightly.  My new protocol (since he got the blood work results) is 375 IUs per day for the first two days then 225 IUs from then on.

I’m feeling pretty optimistic since I talked to her.

The decision is go with option C; go to Vegas planning to transfer and if things aren’t looking great at egg retrieval, head home early and return to Vegas in October.

The only downside is I’ll need several medications that won’t be necessary if we don’t transfer (but they won’t do any harm either) and we’ll have to make some last minute flight / hotel changes.

It will mean a little more money, but that’s what gambling is all about right?  You can’t take home the prize if you don’t pay the ante.


  1. This is great news!!! Keeping fingers crossed for smooth sailing :) When do you head out?

  2. I'm glad your labs are looking better! That's great. I bet you will respond nicely with that protocol. I'm hoping and praying for a speedy, smooth, successful process for you.

  3. YAY! This all sounds great. Glad the numbers are looking better and that things are in motion for your Plan C! Fingers are crossed tightly for you!! :)