Thursday, March 24, 2011

Thankful Thursdays

Since we have wordless Wednesdays I think I’ll start thankful Thursdays.  A blog day dedicated to the people in our TTC journeys that deserve some thanks but never get any.


I dedicate today to the rare Walgreens, Walmart, and Dollar Tree clerks that silently scan our pee sticks and send us on our merry ways. 

Thank you for not asking us if we want the result to be positive or negative.

Thank you for not telling us that it only takes one pee stick to get an answer (even though you think we’re crazy for buying 10 sticks.)

Thank you for not reminding us that most of your POAS clientele are teenagers who can only afford one.

Thank you for not incorrectly explaining the difference between an OPK and a HPT, trust me, we could teach classes on this, we don't need your explaination.

Thank you for not talking to us at all, for just looking at the cash register and not making eye contact at all, because honestly when we’re buying our 10 millionth thru 10 million and 20th pee sticks we’re not in the mood for chatting or questionable looks.


  1. So true... was thinking that the other day too. So glad they don't say anything xoxo