Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I think I need to quit Facebook...

I'm so worked up right now!  I just got a notice on my Facebook news feed that I guy I am friends with liked a picture of 3 fanned out peesticks.  Of course, I'm a masochist and so I clicked on it.

The chick's status up dates for a few days were about how she needed people to pray for her but she couldn't say why (what that she'd loose the baby?), and then a picture of her pee sticks, and then a few different updates about how her DH had a vasectomy and must just have super sperm and maybe they could request a refund?

I want to punch her in the face.  First off gross for posting a pic of your pee sticks on Facebook, yes, I do it on this blog but only because everyone who reads it pees on them as much as I do.  Also the pee sticks weren't even digitals so you had to know what you were looking at to get what a pink plus sign meant.

Second off I want to punch her in the face and take her baby because no child deserves to grow up knowing that they were a mistake.  Guess what dumb girl, the minute you announced the vasectomy to FB and got 59 comments back the secret "accident" status of your future child was let out of the bag!

Thirdly I wish she realized how many women out there are scared to announce their pregnancies before 12 weeks because of multiple miscarriages.  I can tell by the lightness of her test line that she is super early and I think it is so unfair that she doesn't have to have any fears about announcing this early but so many of the wonderful friends I've met through my IF journeys do.

Fourthly I want to punch FB in the face for showing me that some dude I barely know likes someone else's pregnancy photo.  Also I think its time I deactivate my account.


  1. I can completely relate! The love hate relationship with facebook. It was good for some things but could drive me completely insane at times! I ended up deactivating my account for now (various reasons included).

  2. I'm with you... I barely look at FB anymore. I agree too that no child deserves to know that they were a 'mistake'. Looking forward to seeing your positive pee-sticks though one day soon xoxo

  3. That's it. We should officially stage a Facebook boycott. I'm maybe only a weekend boycott. But that's better than nothing, right? Of course, no one will know why we are boycotting, but we will know and sometimes that is enough. You know I'm onboard with your sentiments on this one. I wish our IF wasn't such a secret, so I could post the snarky comments I want to post for my status like: [the princess] "is sick of your stupid pregnancy updates" or [the princess] "would like to thank you and your ultrasound photos for making me cry this morning." Somehow, I think those postings might cause my number of friends to go down significantly...but, hey...then there would be less friends to announce their pregnancies to me. Something to think about. :)

  4. Now I want to punch her in the face!!! Sounds like she needs a good punch :) Facebook stresses me out everyday. xoxox

  5. I'm in! FB boycott starting today! I'll probably only last a few days, maybe only one, but its the effort that counts. So for at least one day I won't hear a pregnancy announcement!