Thursday, March 3, 2011

So many spreadsheets, so little time

I feel bad for Blue.  I’m so much nicer, happier and easier to be around when I’m not saddled with worry over baby making.  Poor Blue never gets a reprieve because the only time we break from the madness is when he’s out of town.

I thought I would be more frustrated and resentful of this break than I am.  Instead it has really refreshed me!  If only I could be this stress free while TTC…

Don’t get me wrong, I’m still making spreadsheets and obsessing over things, they’re just more fun things and the stakes aren’t as high.  I currently have four master spreadsheets going: Euro-trip planning, Home decorating projects, workout/weight loss, and Arctic Man planning (a trip that happens every April, more on this another day).

I’m torn on the Europe trip planning.  Part of me really wants to over plan so I don’t miss anything and part of me wants to wing it and just slowly make our way around the Adriatic.  At some point I really need to decide.  At the very least I need to book a flight to and a hotel in Rome, and yet I can’t seem to commit.  Perhaps I have too many spreadsheets going at once?

My home decorating spreadsheet keeps growing.  I hope to finish up the decorating of my living room this weekend and then I’m moving on to the office/sewing room.  I’ll post some pictures when it is all complete!  I decided that I should decorate and organize the room where I do all my projects first so that I’ll enjoy being there more.  Then I want to re-decorate (or decorate since we just moved in) our room and bathroom.  All of these things are in various stages of planning, buying or making.  None of them are complete. 

I’m usually really good at finishing things but I can’t seem to focus lately, maybe because my heart is still in TTC?

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  1. Love spreadsheets - I thought that I was the only one who made spreadsheets for everything :) What a relief that I'm not the only one :)) xoxo