Friday, March 11, 2011

My birth control failed me

My birth control failed me.

No, no, not the high school oh shit the condom broke scare… I wish!

BC was supposed to be my knight in shining armor.  It has failed to live up to my expectations.

For the last two years that I’ve been off of BC I’ve nostalgically thought back to the good old days.  The days where I had complete control of my periods.  The days when my AF cramps hurt but were bearable.  The days where I would spend weeks worried sick if I’d missed one little BC pill. The days before I was an infertile.  

BC is one of the things that helped me get through the disappointment of having to take a TTC break while Blue is deployed.  I got excited every time I thought of how glorious life was going to be once I was back together with my old friend.

Problem is, my old friend is being a real prick.

I first went back on BC just after Blue left.  Dr. BFP prescribed Desogen.  My period started, I started the pills, my period never stopped.  I bled for 3 weeks. 

I shrugged it off as Desogen just being a cheap stand in for my old friend so I called my old OB/GYN and asked her my friend’s name.  She said to get a new prescription for Apree, so I did.  Problem is, Apree is the generic name for Desogen.  The pharmacy wouldn’t fill my prescription because I already had 3 months worth of it.  This all happened on a Friday afternoon and I had already stopped taking the imposter.  All of the doc’s offices were closed so I gave up for the weekend.

Then I found a pack of Nuva Ring from the pre TTC days (for the record it was new, unused and not expired!)  I spent the year before we started TTC on Nuva Ring and thought not as great as my old friend it was at least a first cousin.  So I started the Nuva ring 14 days ago.  Shortly after starting it I finally stopped spotting, problem solved!  NOT!

CD12 I started spotting again, continued on 13 and now 14.  My boobs are sore, I’m bloated.

Now I’m searching the memory banks to see if my old friend ever even existed? 

Here are the things I’m sure of: I never spotted for 10 whole years on BC.  My boobs were never sore on BC.  I called my doc and she said it doesn’t really make sense but we’ll try one more kind just in case.  So I’m supposed to stop the Nuva Ring today.   Have ANOTHER AF and then start some other BC that starts with an L on Tuesday. 

Just to sum things up, instead of one AF while Blue is gone I’ve already had two official AFs about to have a third and all of the rest of the time was spotting except one short, glorious 6 days.

WTF?  Why doesn’t my old friend like me anymore? 


  1. With you on feeling as though I wasted many years worrying about not getting pregnant - only to end up more stressed about getting pregnant !! Sorry your AF is playing up... hope things improve for you xoxo

  2. Sorry for the elsuive AF! How very strange especially as you are preparing to get your body in gear!

    I hope the new BC is better.

    Love the new template on your blog, so pretty :D



  3. Ugh, that sucks!!! I hope it gets better!