Saturday, January 8, 2011

I don't feel pregnant...

For the first year I obsessed over every symptom. I googled them to see if pregnant women had them early. It's even what lead me to my favorite online forum. But eventually I realized I had symptoms every month... So I tried to stop paying attention. I tried to just tell myself that they didn't matter. But they always matter, even if you have none (like this month) you can still find something on the Internet that says no symptom is a great sign!

The truth is that the two week wait is hell. You don't want to get excited and set your self up for disappointment but you don't want to count yourself out too early and get depressed either.

So now for me the TWW is a total emotional shit show where I go from hopeful to depressed and back multiple times. Right now I'm in the depressed stage, I don't think this month worked which sucks because we did everything perfect...

It's easy for a fertile to tell you to just relax because they've been through one maybe two TWWs. I've been through 20 now, and after round 4 they all started royally sucking.

For those of you who still have hope for me I'll be testing on Wednesday the 12th. Wish me luck, I need it.

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  1. That's how I found that forum, too! I used to obsess over symptoms, but they don't really have any meaning to me anymore. I'm really hoping this month works out for you! I'll be keeping my fingers crossed!!