Friday, August 24, 2012

A Year Ago Today Series: Day 1

I'm planning to do a series of posts about things that happened exactly one year before and how completely different my life is now.  I hope for these posts to be inspiring to those of you still in the trenches and will try and give some good insight into where I was mentally then and where I am now...

A Year Ago Today, August 24th 2011, was our egg retrieval.  The day that little Marek started cooking up in his petri dish...

One Year Ago Today
I just went back and read my post from that day, I was feeling extreme relief.  Relief that things were no longer in my hands (ha, like they ever were!)

When we came to Vegas we were expecting to have a very disappointing response to the stims, Dr. Sher had warned us that we may not get to transfer because we'd need to do another round of retrieval in order to get enough viable embryos to freeze some.  Dr. Sher told us his goal was 8 mature eggs to work with and miraculously that is what we got.

I have to take a break here and plug Dr. Sher.  I really don't believe it was a miracle that we had 8 eggs, I think it was because we had the best Dr. in the world.  He knew exactly what we needed to make the most and highest quality embryos we could get.  I put all my trust in him and it was the best choice I could have made.

I need to be honest too, most of me was really excited that we got 8 eggs but the rest of me was disappointed because statistically it meant that we'd only have 1 or 2 to transfer and none to freeze... I tried to focus on the positive, that we would have at least 1 embryo to transfer and that we were blessed to have that, but I would be lying if I didn't admit there was a little bit of disappointment in my withered old ovaries.

A year ago today the bitter wall that I built up to protect myself during my years of infertility started to crumble... I didn't want to hope too hard incase our babies didn't make it but I knew I needed to keep positive for them, so I let hope creep in, and I got lucky.

I got this incredible face to stare at...


  1. Oh I love this face so much, and I cannot wait to spend the entire weekend with the both of you! One year ago today I was crossing everything I had to cross that this little man would make his way into the world. I sure am a happy girl that he did, and I love you both so so so much!

  2. That face is so freaking cute, worth it totally. Happy Eggiversary!

  3. That is so awesome!! I love this!!

  4. Oh my gosh, what an adorable little man you have. Time flies, huh? :-)

  5. Sorry I've been gone so long, bloggy friend. Your little man is ADORABLE!!! Holy moly. What a sweetie! I'm glad to see you and your family are doing well. Hopefully I can be around a little more now that Ian is a bit older.

  6. Just checking in!! Miss you and your posts! Hope you three are well. Xoxo

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