Monday, August 20, 2012

Cloth Diapering

I fell in love with the idea of cloth diapering (CD) long before we started trying to get pregnant.  Some friends of ours CDed and made it look so easy!

They used Bum.genius so I was already partial to them.  I researched diligently until we actually had M and everything I read pointed to Bum.Genius.4.0.s.  I convinced my sister to use them first, she and her son were awesome product testers!  Her son is 22 months, still wears his, and they're in great shape, plenty of use left for baby #2.
Rainbow of Diapers Drying
CD is a great option for lots of reasons.  Most important, it is so cheap!  Even though we bought brand new, pricey diapers ($18/diaper) they've almost paid for themselves and he's only 3.5 months old!  We have 24 diapers which is perfect (but it was a little tight when he was a brand newborn).  It was a little bit of an investment but well worth it, we put him in them when he was 10 days old since that is when he reached 8 lbs.  At that point we had already bought about 60 dollars worth of newborn diapers since he was pooping and peeing so much.

I feel good about using them since they're good for the environment and great for diaper rash.  He had diaper rash the first 10 days of life and we had to use tons of butt cream but since then he hasn't had diaper rash once.

Here is how they work...  They are a pocket style diaper, which means they have a water proof outer layer with a wicking material attached that pulls the moisture away from their bum and inside of that cover you stuff an absorbent liner (or two depending on how much they pee).  They have all sorts of snaps so that you can make them what ever size the baby needs at that point and change them as they get bigger.

Showing the pocket where you stuff the liner in.

See how white the insides still are after 3 months!

The liner, it can be snapped to 3 different lengths.

A blue diaper.  The two rows of buttons on top are for cinching in the waist. The next row is for making the crotch size smaller/bigger.  

We have only had 4 or 5 leaks in the 3 months we've used the diapers and they were usually from soaking through the liners because he peed a lot or stayed in them a long time.  We have only had 1 poop-splotion and that was inevitable, it was a monster poop that no diaper could have contained.

Here is our system...  When I change the diaper I pull out the liner, drop it in the wet bag (water proof bag that lines our diaper pail) and spray the poo off into the toilet with a diaper sprayer (spray nozzle attached to the toilet water supply line.)  We do laundry every two days.  When its time I just dump the whole bag into the washing machine.  He uses about 8 diapers a day so we wash about 16 at a time and have 8 to use while the rest are washing/drying.  They say you can tumble dry the covers but that they last better and stay nicer if you line dry them so we do.  You do one wash with no detergent on cold, then a hot water wash with a second rinse and special diaper detergent.  Then we dry the liners and hang the covers.  At first I stuffed them all as they came out of the wash, now I stuff them as I need them.  I have one bin in his changing table for covers and one for liners.

Changing table

Bin for liners

The reason I like pocket diapers better than all in ones (basically pre-stuffed) is that you have more flexibility, you can stuff them with more/less depending on how much absorbency you need then, i.e. night time.  Also you have to tumble dry all in ones which means they don't hold up as well as the line-dried covers of pocket diapers.  Plus, (this is probably all in my head) they seem cleaner some how... like separating the parts lets the soap get to everything better... make sense?

Does this diaper make my butt look big?
Downfalls... they're not great for traveling more than 1 day.  For daily trips we just put the dirty diaper in a plastic sack and spray the poo off when we get home, but for weekend/longer trips it is hard with out a washer dryer and diaper sprayer.  But one weekend of disposables is pretty cheap, so that works for us.  They also are pretty big and make the baby's butt look big, this is a personal preference, I think it looks cute, and the bigger they get the less disproportionate the butt to baby ratio is.

Plus, in the words of Blue, when he wears them "he just looks more comfortable..."


  1. Have you tried BumGenius Flips for traveling? They have cloth and disposable inserts so they work well for going places. You can reuse the cover (barring a poo explosion) so you don't need many. Great CD review! :-)

  2. We also use exclusively BG 4.0s. We haven't had as much luck as you with stains though! I have bleached twice and this weekend I let the liners sun dry this weekend. I don't spray with a diaper sprayer though, maybe that's the problem? Either way I love cloth : )

  3. I LOVE my BG AIOs - they are very similar to what you use, of course, but AIOs (which was nice for daycare and a CD resistant hubby). Also, we are able to line dry our diapers no problem - I pop them in the dryer just to soften them up after line drying, just FYI!

    My 8 month old is crawling and pulling up on things now, and I think she loves having a little padding to fall down on! :)

  4. Congratulations on your bundle of joy:)I've been TTC for less than 3 years now.Hopeflly results will be soon.While reading your blog (found it yesterday), I have found some things I would like to ask you about (DQAlpha, travelling for IVF).I have some questions that I would like to ask.Do you have an e-mail or whats the easiest way for you to contact you? Thank you in advance.

    1. Sara, I'd love to answer your questions. You can email me at lindsey(dot)l(dot)hunter(at)gmail(dot)com

  5. ok, thank you.the e-mail will be on its way shortly:)


  6. I need to do another CD update on my blog. This has been really interesting and piques my interest in trying out BG diapers :) Thanks!!

  7. Great post Linds! CD is easy and it's been great for us too! We are on holidays now and I have to admit I miss them BC we are using disposables. And of course the baby has a rash. :( Thanks for your lovely response to my positive post! I have to say I admire your strength and tenacity. You did not have an easy time getting pregnant, nor did you have an easy pregnancy but now you are blessed with this lil miracle and in spite of all your hardships you don't take anything for granted. I really admire that. :) Plus I love your sense of humor and the fact you tell it like it is!