Wednesday, February 1, 2012

An Update on my Irritable Uterus

My official diagnosis: Irritable Uterus.

I always knew my lady parts sucked but this one just makes me laugh.  I seriously chuckled for about an hour after we left the doctors office yesterday.  It basically means my uterus doesn’t like having a baby in there and is going to resist stretching out by contracting a lot. 

These little “irritability” contractions are OK as long as they don’t get rhythmic.  If I start having them I’m supposed to lie down and measure them to make sure they aren’t a minute long, 5 minutes apart, and lasting more than 1 hour.  If they are, back to the hospital we go.

For now I’m allowed to go back to work (since I have a cushy desk job.)  I’m back to my placenta previa restrictions so, no sexy time and no lifting more than a milk carton.  I have no complaints about these restrictions now!  Everything that has happened has scared me straight, I will be a good girl and follow all rules necessary to keep little man in there as long as possible.

I will be going in for weekly appointments from now on and they will be doing cervical checks each time to make sure its staying long and closed.  I think going in weekly will help my anxiety a lot because its scary knowing I’m supposed to expect a lot of contractions but need to make the call myself if they are too close together.

My current medicine regimen is as follows: boat loads of antibiotics (because it will take another few days until my bacteria cultures come back), and a smooth muscle relaxer that will help make my cranky uterus happier.

I have one med still up in the air, my OB and the perinatologist would like me to start weekly large doses of intramuscular progesterone.  This treatment is usually reserved for second pregnancies in women who have had previous preemies, so technically I’m not eligible.  My doc is working with my insurance to see if they’ll pay even though I haven’t had a preemie yet since both she and the peri think it will prolong his time in my angry uterus.

I’m not going to Dr. this.  I’ve been warned that the side effects of the progesterone are tough, also that there are some dangers to taking it, but if both of my docs think it is necessary I know that I need to trust their judgment.  I pay them to be the expert and not every link on is to the words of an OB with 20 years of experience. 


  1. Hey Lindsey!

    Sorry about your diagnosis, but sounds like things are looking good still. Is the progesterone shot the same progesterone in oil shot that most IVF patients take after retrieval? If so, that is the one I am doing, intramuscular in my hip/butt area. I was terrified of it, but it hasn't been nearly as bad as I anticipated. I had no idea there were risky side effects or dangers to it, though.

  2. Good lord woman! When it rains it pours huh?? So glad you're back to work and mostly normal life, but please take it easy! Sounds like your are in very good, capable hands. Trust them and not google. I hope you get the prog thing sorted out soon. Sending big hugs to you, marek and your irritable uterus!

  3. This sucks!! I wish you had things easier. Stay cool, uterus. I really admire you for getting through all of this! Hugs!

  4. Good lord, you poor girl! We had a scare this week and I immediately thought of you. That it seemed so similar to what you're going through. You're such a trooper! I hope things get smooter somehow from here on out. The progesterone…is it different than the PIO we do the first ten weeks? My transfer was frozen, so I was on the highest dose they give at once, 2cc. For several days, I was on double that, one shot in each cheek, because the hospital screwed up my blood work. It wasn't too terrible but I do feel so bad for you if you have to start all that again. I know I was ready to be done at 10 weeks, for sure. At least if they do it, it is only once per week. I had a friend that did it throughout her pregnancy but they were twice a week. She said it was nice because her cheeks had time to feel better between each shot. Keep us updated! You and Marek (and Blue) are in my thoughts and prayers!

  5. Still makes me think of irritable bowel syndrome, which still makes me think of you pooping. Just saying. ;)

  6. How did I miss all this that is happening with you?! So sorry you've had to deal with all of this craziness. Yes, irritable uterus is pretty laughable. Perhaps it could use a nice relaxing day at the spa? ;) Take good care of you and sweet baby Marek.

  7. For what it is worth, having been on progesterone injections and having dealt with pregnancy symptoms similar to the ones you've experienced...I can tell you that the injection side effects (other than the sore butt) aren't much different from the regular pregnancy symptoms you had in the first trimester. I'm glad your doctors are on top of the issue and that you are going to be on your best behavior. :) You are doing great!

  8. My goodness! The powers that be are really making you work for this baby!