Friday, January 6, 2012

Vitamin D Needed

I forgot to mention that Blue and I are escaping to Hawaii for a much needed boost of vitamin D tomorrow.  It was pretty last minute, we decided a few days before Christmas and just threw the trip together.  We had written off traveling during the pregnancy because of my placenta previa but when it moved we decided a break from the below zero weather was necessary!

I went swim suit shopping a few days ago.  I do not recommend that you go swim suit shopping while pregnant unless it is necessary.  I had to since my boobs have jumped up 3 cup sizes, I tried on all my bathing suits at home first and Blue and I had a great laugh.

I found 2 that I think should last me for this trip and hopefully through the summer while I’m loosing the baby weight and nursing.  I bought 1 tankini and 1 bikini, in the end I may regret the bikini choice but at the time I felt like showing off my belly. 

I’ve never been a big fan of showing skin… cleavage and belly are things I’ve always preferred to keep under wraps, but pregnancy is the one time you’re supposed to be proud of your big ole belly, so I’m owning it and letting it all hang out! (Well I’m at least going to try it for 1 trip to the beach and see how uncomfortable it makes me….)

I doubt you’ll hear from me much during the next week, so wish me luck with the bikini endeavor and who knows, maybe I’ll be brave enough when I get back to show you a picture?... probably not.


  1. Oh, Alaskans! You get to travel to Hawaii and not even change time zones... or no wait, Google informs me you do have to change an hour (gosh, how tough). Have a great time, don't worry about a thing in your bikini, and enjoy the sunshine!

  2. I've never told you this, but I have a secret adoration for pregnant women in bikinis. It just makes me happy. Show that shit off - you earned it!

    I'm still a little bitter that you're leaving me for a week though. BOOOOOOOO!

    Do you guys need a ride to the airport?

  3. Ahhh, so jealous! I lived in HI for awhile and I missssss it! Have a great time :) Im sure you'll look so cute rockin the pregnant belly in the bikini! Take pics!

  4. How do you forget to mention that?!?!?! HAve a great time :)

  5. Have a fabulous time in Hawaii! MH and I went for our first wedding anniversary last summer and had a blast. Wear that bikini proudly and show off that sexy bump!!

  6. hahah, makes me giggle...i tryed on all my swin suits too the other day and was def a sight..alittle scary actually....
    But enjoy and show that belly off...
    So so glad all is going well, ive not been commenting much lately but always read... xxx

  7. Have a wonderful time!!!!!



  8. Haha...I live in Hawaii and I have only rocked the swimming suit during pregnancy once. So I think you should rock it for all of us PIF who aren't daring enough. :-) Have a great trip!

  9. Enjoy your babymoon!! Rock that bikini, girl! You will look fabulous!

  10. Lindsey,

    I'm so sorry I've been missing out on your progress. My little man is giving me a run for my money (thus my 4 a.m. post). I am so thrilled to hear that everything is still going so well for you and your expanding family. Enjoy your getaway, and flaunt those curves!

  11. Oh my gosh, have fun!!!! I bet you'll look great!

  12. I am so jealous. I've never been to Hawaii, but I'd sure like to go. I hope you're flaunting off that baby belly of yours and enjoying every second of it.