Thursday, April 12, 2012

How Blue Stopped the Tears...

Last night I went out to dinner with S.I.F. and a few other friends for her birthday.  Two of the other girls were also pregnant, one a week ahead of me, one a month behind.  I definitely felt like the only one there who was sucking at pregnancy.  No one else’s feet looked like mine (reference the picture below if you dare.)  This morning S.I.F. posted a picture of us on FB and I looked about how I feel, like a total cow. 

We also had a screen at work today for our cholesterol and BMI.  The results don’t count, but if you do the screen they give you free money toward your insurance.  I knew my numbers would look bad but the free money was worth it.  As a measure of my health they took my height, weight and a measurement of my midsection at the belly button…  Then my cholesterol results came back, 100 points higher than they normally are. 

Believe it or not they're even grosser in real life...

Needless to say between my feet, the picture and my cholesterol I was not having a great day.

Blue came to pick me up for my doctor’s appointment and I started crying and couldn’t stop.  I literally cried big crocodile tears the whole way there, and was still sobbing waiting for the doc to come in…

I was bottoms off on the table and Blue was in the visitor chair as always.  Then he got up and sat in the doc’s roller stool.  I figured it was so he could talk to my crying face… 

…Then he put on a rubber glove. 

By this point I was laughing.

Then he reached back and said “here, let me use the warm gel.”

At this point I was still crying but now the tears were from hysterical laughter.  Just as he squirted a glob of goo on his blue glove the OB and her intern walked in.

She thought it was so funny that she had to go get her iphone to take a picture.

And this is how Blue ended my 45 minute long cry fest.

A cuter foot, Andre's at 34 weeks from our perinatologist US last week.

My 34 week belly (I'm now 35 weeks 1 day)


  1. You look gorgeous! And those feet may be swollen but neat pedi ;)

  2. you poor thing, your feet look so uncomfortable. but you look GREAT, not cow-like at all! you don't suck at pregnancy - everyone's body does it differently. you're in the home stretch, and you'll have your sexy ankles back soon!

  3. Dude, how in the world do you think you're not working pregnancy? You look freakin' awesome! What a great way to get you to stop crying.:)

  4. I love you, and you're beautiful, and I love you.

    But... you already know how I feel about your feet! ;)

    Seriously friend, you are gorgeous, and you are absolutely NOT suckiing at pregnancy!

  5. You look fantastic :)) Love your US photo too... and don't worry, your feet go back to normal after bub arrives :) xo

  6. Oh, your poor feet! I'm sure you feel like your feet look, but you look fantastic! You're doing just fine and totally not sucking at pregnancy and soon you'll be rockin' it as a mom!

  7. My feet have been looking EXACTLY the same - you're just braver than me in posting a pic! I know just how you feel, it hurts *and* looks gross. But, I promise we're more focused on them than anyone else!
    I think you look beautiful, too!

  8. You look BEAUTIFUL. And your feet still have a rockin' pedicure - come on, that has to count for something, right?

  9. Eeek, he's coming sooo soon!! You still look amazing, and !Andre's lil foot is soo adorable! Cant wait for you to finally hold your long-awaited lil one!!!

  10. You look amazing. And Blue is a good hubby, huh? Thinking of you!

  11. Your feet look so uncomfortable but looking at the rest of you - one would have NO idea that they are that puffy. You look gorgeous!

    Blue is hysterical!! What a great guy.

  12. I think you look great!! And who cares about swollen feet, you have pretty toes! :) Love the story about Blue making you laugh, that's awesome! Ps. Also love the baby toes!