Wednesday, July 17, 2013



This week has been productive in the IVF2.0 world.  I got important docs signed and notarized, blood drawn, appointments scheduled, meds ordered and this afternoon I get the joy of another sonohysterogram…


I went through a pretty angry stage this week, as I’m sure most infertiles do when they realize this is what it takes to just TRY to have a baby.  No sex, no spontaneity, just doctors appointments and test after test, oh and of course money, lots and lots of money.


As I was grouching to my mom I heard myself telling her I know I should feel lucky, we have 4 frozen chances, we can afford this, and to top it off we have a beautiful son at home.  It’s strange how differently I feel this time around, last time it was depression and desperation, this time is mostly frustration and anger.


And then my miracle melted me and reminded me it is all so worth it in the end… I went to pick him up from day care and as I was talking to his teacher he looked at what I had in my hand and grunted hoping I would give it to him, I said “no” and he looked my right in the eyes and signed “please?”  Talk about a proud mama!


He had signed it a few times before but always prompted by me saying it first and encouraging him (and mostly about food!)  But yesterday he used it on his own with no prompting and not in reference to food!


Have I mentioned he LOVEs food?  That is a post for another day but oh man does that baby love food!  He still can’t eat much but hopefully Thursday we’ll find out if his allergies have changed at all and maybe we’ll be able to add in another food.


  1. I bet that was so sweet! What age did you start sign language with him?

  2. JDubs- We started signing a few things really early but weren't very consistant and then around 1 year I started really signing things that he clearly wanted to communicate but couldn't, like hungry, all done, thirsty, more, please, etc. I don't think you can ever be too late to start, because the later you are the more obvious it is to them that if they sign it, they get it!

  3. Wow! Sounds like things are going along pretty smoothly for you! In glad. Lets hope things continue this way for you. My fingers are crossed!
    Awww, love that Marek signed to you. That's so sweet. I was doing signing with M but then I slacked off! He was doing milk when he was breast feeding. I thought it was so cute. :)