Wednesday, January 30, 2013


We just got back from a great trip to The Big Island with Blue's family.  We spent 10 days in the sun alternating between relaxing/playing and chasing our little crawler around in the sand/water.

Have I mentioned that Marek LOVEs to swim?  Blue took him on his first swimming lesson just before he deployed with Marek was 2.5 months old.  He likes it more and more everytime we take him and Hawaii wasn't any different.  Now he actually tries to get away from us so he can swim on his own, its really hard to hold on to his slippery little body in the water!

I didn't think much about our Hawaii trip last year until we got to the security line at the airport to fly home... then it all hit me.  This is where my bad contractions started last year...  I remember curling up in a ball in the security line and debating wether to get on the plane or go to the hospital.  I ultimately made the right choice to get home and ended up going to the hospital 2 days later.

Most of the time its hard to remember back to how hard pregnancy was, or even how hard infertility was.  There are still alot of triggers that take me back (and by surprise) but most of the time I'm a pretty in the moment momma.

I'm so thankful for this little miracle and getting to be the one that pulls the rocks out of his mouth and holds on for dear life as he tries to swim away from me in the ocean!

Playing with Sand...

Eating Sand....
Eating Rocks....

Totally oblivious to the Seaturtle at his feet, wishing he was eating sand or rocks...



  1. At least he has a healthy appetitie ha!

  2. I so want to go there!! Three if my friends/family are going there this year and I'm jealous!! Lol. I know what you mean about forgetting how it was but then it all
    Coming bs kntonyou at the same time. Aren't we lucky to have these monsters?? :) love the pics if Marek on the beach. Such a cute lil troublemaker!!

  3. I like that you stopped to take a picture before getting that rock out of his mouth. ;)

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