Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Belly Shots and my OCD

I’ve mentioned my OCD before, right?  Do you recall my super nerdy trigger calculator which caused me way more anxiety than necessary?  Or maybe one of my other crazy spreadsheet admissions helped you realize the extent of my crazy?

The point is sometimes I’m a little obsessive.  I over plan, I stress over details and if God forbid if I ever have to compare things to one another THEY WILL be perfectly comparable or I won’t compare them at all.  Hence the reason I have a belly picture from 8 weeks and then not another until 16 weeks. (Well, there was one failed attempt at 10 weeks but it is just another illustration of my crazy.)

I took my 8 week picture in what seemed like the perfect outfit for it, black yoga pants, because I have 2 of the exact same ones, and a black tank top, because I have 3 of the exact same ones.  You see, the reason the outfit choice was important was because I already knew how crazy I would be about comparing one picture to the next and how could I possibly compare them if I was wearing different clothes??

So why didn’t I just keep taking weekly pictures?  See the following reasons and be thankful you’re not totally nutso like me:

9 Weeks:  Blue was out of town and since he took the first picture and I would have to take the second picture alone they would not be comparable because number 2 would have to be a mirror picture and number one was not.

10 Weeks:  Blue was late for work but I threw clothes on and got him to stay an extra 2 minutes so we wouldn’t miss it.  He refused to come upstairs so we had to take them next to the door to the garage.  I cannot use these for comparison because the angle and distance and lighting are way off, I was so mad I deleted all but one (just incase I ever need it for anything other than comparison sake.)

11 Weeks:  I forgot to take the pictures before work.  If they aren’t taken in the morning they won’t be comparable because I will be more bloated because I ate.

12 Weeks:  Both pairs of my favorite yoga pants were dirty.

13 Weeks:  I forgot until it was 13 weeks and 1 day.  This clearly would not count because it was Thursday, not Wednesday like it was supposed to be.

14 weeks:  Blue was on nights so he slept in (see reason from week 11.)

15 weeks:  I had the day off so I slept in and Blue left for work at his normal time (see reason from week 9.)

So how did my neuroses allow me to finally take a week 16 picture?  My belly popped between week 15 and 16 and I was devastated to have missed that on film, it was enough to allow me to push aside all reasons to avoid the picture (which really added up on this particular day… See below for the reasons I am convinced I may have finally cured my crazy fear of improper comparisons!

Week 16:  I forgot.  I took the picture at 16w1day (compare with legitimate reason from week 13), my favorite yoga pants were dirty so I had to wear different black pants (ref: week 12), Blue and I were running late for work but I forced him to be later (week 10 disaster), I had a glass of water first (see detrimental effects as demonstrated in week 11.)

8 to 18 week Comparison with nice edited pictures

8 to 18 week comparison with 10 week terrible pic included...  Clearly I'm right about the importance of using the same location right?
I did take a week 18 picture with all the original rules just for one final comparison shot to make me happy but I have decided that it is now ok to move on to bi-weekly comparisons with the following reasonable stipulations: 
  • I must be wearing black, but any black outfit will do.
  • I must be standing against a white wall but any white wall will work.
  • Someone else must take the picture but it doesn’t have to be Blue.
  • The picture still counts as the week its taken in as long as its with in the first 3 days of the given week.
This is what the Bubble looks like under clothes, its fun to be obviously pregnant
This is a picture that I found on Pintrest (my new obsession) made me realize that I’m crazy and its way cuter to have a little fun with it!


  1. I found your blog and thanx for commenting on mine..

    Love your comparison of photos I have tried to take weekly photos too and once I accidentally stood a different way then realised no has to be same direction facing too lol

    Your body has made some beautiful transitions throughout your pregnancy and glad you are brave in every shot to bare the stomach lol

  2. For the record, I love your brand of crazy! And that pintrest shot is SO freaking neat - I love it! must have a photographer as a husband!

    So pumped to touch your belly tomorrow friend! You are looking gorgeous and very really and truly pregnant!! Love it!

  3. I LOVE that pic you found on Pintrest. Sweet! I might have try something like that too!

  4. That Pic you found on Pintrest is so cute!!! Great Idea. Glad your pregnancy is going well!! :):) cute belly!! I gave you an award! Check out the post

  5. ahhh! baby bumps!!! I really liked the picture you found on pintrest. It is my latest obsession, too. In all honesty, since I've already read a ton of blogs and commented a lot this morning, as soon as I finish this comment, I'm heading straight to pintrest. Yes, it's that bad. It's an every day kind of obsession, really!

    In regards to the comment you just left on my blog. I am 100% for the Duggars. They're a great family with wonderful values, and their children are very well behaved! who wouldn't want 20 kids that all behave?! I posted the article on my Facebook and got a few great responses supporting the Duggars, but this morning I received quite the opposite comment from another facebook friend. She basically bashed them and said everything they do is for money only and that they should be ashamed...