Saturday, July 28, 2012

Busy Busy and Deployment #2

Sorry I've been MIA for so long.  Lifes been crazy around here.  We've been enjoying the Alaskan summer, dealing with Marek's extensive food allergies (another post to come...) and sending Blue of to Afgahanistan again.

I've taken about a million pictures in the last 3 months, many with the intention of writing a post about the subject but as you can tell that hasn't happened.  I hope to get back to posting and updating you on our crazy lives soon.

How do you guys feel about baby updates and this blog losing alot of its infertility twist?  I know its my blog and people have a choice about reading or not but I also don't want to hurt anyone.

Here's a picture of our little fam just before Blue left.

This one makes me cry everytime I see it.  Its amazing how different this deployment is emotionally than the last.  Last year I was sad for me.  This year I'm sad for Blue.  He is having to miss so much time with our little guy, so many giggles and tiny milestones.  It just doesn't seem fair after how hard we worked to bring him into this world.  I started a blog just for Blue so that I can post tons of pictures of M and tell him about our daily advenures so I hope that will help him not feel so left out.

If you're the praying type I'm sure our family could use some over the next few months.


  1. Praying for you guys! That will be so hard to have blue away for him and you guys! Dont know how you do it. Praying for a quick and safe return. Great idea to start a blog for him! Love it. :) and of course I'll still keep reading about you and Marek and blue. That's what your life is now and you are blessed and its okay to talk about it! Looking forward to more pics!

  2. Im so glad you wrote. I have been checking every few weeks and was wondering if now that you have a baby you would not have time for the blog.

    I am in a wierd position. The pictures you post are adorable and I want to see them and the updates but I am struggling to keep the crazy long term infertile locked in the closet. I thought you had started a blog on that other site for post pregnancy? I would like to see the updates but I know that the talk about diapers, first words, etc will hurt especially since we were in the same cycle. I guess that is when I have to back off and not read until I can get myself together again.

    I would say, do what you want, the rest of us need to be responsible enough to own our feelings and suck it up if we want to still be part of your life or just disappear.

  3. Aww, such sweet pics. *hugs* I've been thinking of you and checking your blog for updates :-)

  4. Oh, Lindsey that is heart breaking. I'll be praying for you guys.

    Post whatever you want! Personally, I have folders in my reader for pregnant, adopting, babies, and still trying. If I'm not in a good place for baby stuff, I'll skip the baby folder that day. But I would always come back for Marek pictures.

  5. I guess I have a different perspective on the infertility stuff. Maybe it is because we didn't have to try for a thousand years as others have but I always felt separate from others' experiences. I didn't experience the jealousy, even of friends who seemingly conceived by thinking about it. I have just always felt that your experience is yours and mine is mine. I love seeing the updates and such. I agree with both of the above commentators. This is your life now and you will always been an infertile. I also agree that those still in the trenches do need to be responsible for their own feelings and decide whether they want to keep following. I guess it comes down to why you are writing here. For you or for others? If it's others, than you would need to pay attention to the desires of your audience.

    That aside, the pic of Blue and Marek breaks my heart. Makes a lump in my throat. I don't know how you guys do it either. I have been and will continue to pray for you and your sweet family. xo

  6. I love baby updates, and I think it's important that you feel free to share those moments in your space. We are all adults, and people can step away when they are not in the right head-space to read about baby stuff. Marek will grow up so quickly, and you'll love being able to go back and read about things.

    Praying for a safe deployment for your hubby!!

  7. Your family is in my thoughts and prayers - and I love Marek's little camo pants! I will happily read whatever you choose to post; it's your blog and should reflect your life and what you want to write about!