Sunday, May 27, 2012

An Infertile's Nursery

One of the biggest hang ups most infertiles have is that room in their house that stares back at them, mocking them every time they walk by.  The room that it doesn’t make sense to decorate as an office or a guest room because someday it will be used for its actual purpose, The Nursery.  When we bought our house we were over a year into TTC, and yet I still immediately zoned in on the room that would one day be our nursery. 
That dreaded room sat empty for 15 months, taunting me every time I walked by.  Finally, when I was 23 weeks pregnant I got brave enough to let it reach its destiny, Marek’s Nursery.
After we cleared out all the junk that normally accumulates in the room that no one dares to go in...
Blue and I had already mentally designed it, so one Saturday I set out to paint the top half of the walls lime green, no baby blue for our little guy!

I love the built in shelves, now they are filled with all his books and toys!
Painting proved too much for my irritable uterus to take and that night I went into the hospital for pre-mature labor…  So once I was home and on bed rest our incredible friends and family came to help with the next steps, one more coat of paint and installing wainscoting and chair rail.
My Best Friend and her Hubby came to help with thier baby boy

My mother and father in law came 4 days in a row to help!

Finished wainscotting/chair rail with pegs for his little stuff to hang on!
Then Blue and I got to set up the crib.  There were a few things I fantasized about through this long haul to baby and putting together the crib with Blue was near the top of that list.  It was a special moment and I feel really blessed to have had it.
Now I get to give Blue some serious credit…  I’ve never been a big fan of super baby-ish nurseries for a few reasons; bright colors are better to stimulate the baby, I don’t like cartoon characters and I really love lime green!  I had originally planned to just decorate the room with colors and not have a theme, but then Blue changed my mind, he suggested we use the book “The Giving Tree” as a theme.  It was a favorite of both of ours growing up and it isn’t cartooney so I was an easy sell!
A good friend of ours is a teacher and she borrowed the projector from her classroom and made a transparency of the tree in the book that we then painted on the wall.  I LOVE it!

"There once was a tree and she loved a little boy"

His crib with the quilt I made to match his room colors
Oh also, 2 long years ago I bought a teddy bear themed glider rocker at a garage sale with grand plans to make it over, it finally happened but it took a long time and a lot of complaints from Blue....  I made the cushions and Blue and his mom and aunt spray painted the chair.  I love how it turned out and its super comfortable.  Not too bad for a $50 garage sale find huh?

After, way better right?!

And my very favorite nursery pic, my boys together snugglin'


  1. What an AWESOME book and awesome nursery!! Love it!

  2. Very cute nursery and great job with the rocking chair :)

  3. Oh wow, The Giving Tree was one of my favorites too! That color of green is so perfect for it! I love what you did, and congratulations on finally getting to put 'that room' to its intended use! We all dream of that day!

  4. Can I just tell you how much I love this?! First that yu have a beautiful nursery and Marek in it!! :) xoxo

  5. Love the nursery!!! It's so beautiful!!!

  6. I love it! What an adorable nursery!! (and that chair rocks!)

  7. Wow, you did a fabulous job! I love that story and it translates so well into a nursery. Well done, you are very Talented!

  8. I cried like a baby reading this post. I'm so happy you shared your nursery progression with us. And The Giving Tree is my all-time favorite kids book. Every time I read it, however, I cry.

    Hope you are doing well!! <3

  9. Omg, the giving tree?! Such an adorable nursery!!

  10. Darn you for having such an awesome nursery theme! Now I'll feel guilty if I steal it. :-) Props on the chair project, too, very impressive.

  11. My favorite room in your house to be sure! ;)

  12. What a beautiful room! Great job :)

  13. Looks fantastic... loooove that book too :)) What a wonderful idea to incorporate it into your nursery :) Thinking of you all xoxo

  14. Sorry I've been MIA so long. This nursery is AMAZING! I'm so jealous. Ian's nursery is still prison green, with no ceiling and the closet being used as a pantry. Perhaps I will show The Prince these photos and try to shame him into getting a move on. Ian's collection of toys, jumperoo, swing, chair, bumbo, activity mat, etc. is outgrowing the living room. I had never heard of "The Giving Tree," but now that it comes highly recommended from someone whose opinion matters to me, I will have to get it.

    Congratulations again, Lynsey. You so deserve this happy time. It just keeps getting better.

  15. It's beautiful!! And I love the giving tree mural. Impressive!